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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Long haul flight

Well- my two months is up and I'm returning to the Northern Hemisphere after minding three grandchildren , cooked dinners, did laundry and odd jobs around the house. But best of all was holding my new Grandson after his Mum fed him. I'm an expert burper and nappy changer. My heart is breaking .

I'm in Melbourne now after four hour flight from Wellington . The restlessness kicked in at the end of the flight- but I've taken the next dose of oxycontin and hopefully will survive through the 14 hrs to Dubai. Ihave sleeping pills and oxynorm as back up- but don't intend to use them. It would be nice if I can get a few seats together to stretch out as my back is killing me. (Rods and pinsΓ—8)

But it's the breaking heart is whats doing for me now.😭

Thanks for listening - you are a great crowd.😒

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Aww Madlegs1 . I'm both delighted and sad for you.

On the one hand I'm sure the two months flew by for you and you can't believe it's time to come home already.

On the other hand at least you will have some wonderful memories to treasure.

Can you skype your family from home so at least you can stay in contact and get to see your grandson as he grows up.

Hope the flight doesn't take too much out of you.

Gentle hugs, Margaret.xxx

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Awww. sad time, to leave behind your family and that new bubba and come home. If you can skype them like the other poster has said it will keep you in touch, not quite the same as being there to have cuddles but you can watch him and see him grow. Maybe another trip before toooo long to NZ. Have a safe journey home. Glad the RLS will be under control, but not your poor back.

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Thinking of you Madlegs1,

Cry until there are no more tears left, I hope you get a couple of spare seats and sleep the whole way to Dubai.

Keep us posted until you get home.

J πŸ€

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Bless you. We are on our way back home from Adelaide, saying goodbye to our family was so upsetting, especially knowing that one or two of them we may never see again. My children were both in tears too πŸ˜“. Having said all that, our 22 hour journey out was amazingly RLS free for me, and the first leg back to HKG the same. Even in Auz I was blessed with many RLS free nights. Take care x


Thank you all for your lovely comments and support. Back home now and enjoying the heat.

The RlS ok for the trip though my back gave me hell- no seats to lie down. Moral - don't travel in hols- two large school parties filled the plane completely. 😒

Again - Thanks- your support meant a lot.



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