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8 hour flight

Has anyone got any good suggestions how I can survive an 8 hour flight to India next year? I have decided I am fed up with RLS ruling my life and I'm going for it!! I know I could pop a couple of Tamezepane but that seems to make my legs worse the next day so is counter-productive. I am in England - I know we don't have the same drugs as the US.


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Someone else on here is taking long flight trip soon, and asked the same question. Its all on here some where, People gave some good tips and tricks to try. This website has some very good tips and tricks for long flight trips. Its by Jill Gunzel, she died a few months ago, so the email part doesnt work, but you can look through ALL her website, the long flight trip is on there, Jill took a long flight trip to Singapore from the USA. Also MOST of the meds we use here in the UK, are mostly the same as in the USA.


When I go on the site it's in a foreign language!


Thank you for that - I will explore :)


I second that on the webs site, Elisse! :)


Hi there,

The previous similar question is in the blog section

'I get terrible RLS when flying. I am planning to fly to Australia in a year but I'm dreading it, any tips or advice that you can offer?' Asked by slimceagirl1 on 28 Feb 2013

Best of luck!


Wish you lived in the USA. Vicodin helped me fly 7 hours.

Be selective on the method that you use.

Being in the air very sick from narcotics could be worse..

I called RLS Airplane legs because that was one of my first

times that I ever had the urge to move so strongly.

I used a strong mint such as Altoids to get me by minute by minute.

I've used the same in panic attacks in my past.

I get in the plane and start jigging my leg keeping it going as long as

I can possibly keep at it... I explain around me. =)


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