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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Can anyone help me with my iron blood test results?


I have been dealing with multiple symptoms for a long time now - Doctor thinks is all in my head - I dont!! I had a blood test taken, but my doctors appointment is not until Friday, and I am very interested in finding out, if I was right (suspecting my iron to be too low) It looks like it in the blood tests, from what I can see. But I dont understand why some of my results seems to be within range, and others so low?

My results: (I'm From Denmark, so we might be using other terms/ranges here)

* Ferritin;P [​IMG] (Ref.: 15-120)



*Iron (Ref.: 9-34)


* Transferrin (Ref.: 24-41)


*Transferrin saturation (if that is the correct English word for it ?) (Ref. 0,10 - 0,50)


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Hi I can only comment on your Ferrartin iron, it is within range for someone who does not have RLS but for those with RLS it needs to be over 50 preferably over 70 x


Apart from transferrin , those results are on the low side. If you are female, that would be normal enough , but might need supplementation under medical supervision.

If your symptoms include tiredness, that would figure.!

Good luck with the Doctor appointment.


Hi. My daughter is a medic. she has told me that they need to measure your Iron stores in you body in your blood test. A lot of People's rls blood test come back as normal. You need to ask for them to specify that you want a test on how much your body is storing iron. My daughter has found out that her body does not store iron at all well.

Hope this helps

Have you tried rotigotine patches. I wouldn't be without them. I sleep like a baby.



C wragg, the stored iron is Ferrartin, which the poster has been tested on. See my reply above x

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I can comment on ur iron, I received my results last Friday and mine too were 9, it's not overly low as the normal range is 10 as the doc tells me, I'm suffering with IBS symptoms in top if this so my doctor has referred me for a colonoscopy, her advice was to increase the iron in my diet


Its our ferritin level that needs to be higher than someone who doesnt have RLS.

Not many doctors know that for people who have RLS, our ferritin level needs to be at least 50-70 or higher.


Your ferritin is quite low in range and your iron result sits just on the borderline, I would be querying it too. Can I ask what other symptoms you have maiken ? and were any other bloods done ?


Hi- sorry to but in here. I've recently had my iron tested as my fbc shows a steady decline in my hb- Last reading was 11.3. Had my iron done

Serum ferritin level : 331 ( range 11.0 -307.0)

Plasma iron level: 6.8 range (9.0-27.0)

I have seropositive rheumatoid arthritis and am in a massive flare (7 months so far) -it's not under control. I've been put on ferrous fumarate 210 mg 3x a day. Had an endoscopy last week too. I get restless legs and sometimes restless body!


Thank you for your full and interesting reply.

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Dr. Earley has made an excellent video on YouTube dealing with the relationship of iron(ferritin) and RLS.


I listened to this but I didn't here much about iron and rls? He talks about opiates.


hi pippins not been in touch for sometime wonder if you can advise me about iron tabs ive read posts by others that are taking iron tabs!! that are taking them at night on a empty stomach ive been on iron tabs for years but have always taken it in the morning was wondering if it would help my rls at night if I took mine at night my dose is 210mgs??? any offers would be welcome hope you are keeping well take care STANx.


I take mine 3x a day so: morning noon and night...but then I also take d3 twice and b12 join the morning...along with other meds for rheumatoid arthritis.


hi moomin8 not sure if your post was for me!!! however what is it you take 3x per day plus ive no idea what d3 and b12 is I only take one 210mgs per day of ferrous formulate I was put onto it because of the tablet I have to take for my gluten free diet affects the blood cells regards stan38 angler.

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Hi, I meant that I take 3x ferrous fumerate and vitamins b12 and d3😆


This was posted on the RLS group on FB.

Charles Buzzard

March 29

There are *four* iron parameters that need to be tested for RLS patients. Serum iron, per cent iron saturation, total iron binding capacity (TIBC) and serum ferritin. Your blood test should be a *fasting* test (no food for 12 hours before) and they will argue with you about this. Insist. Or just do it anyway.

Here are the values that should set off alarm bells. If your serum iron is less than 60, if your per cent iron saturation is less than 16%, if your TIBC is greater than 400 and if your serum ferritin is less than 18. If you have ANY ONE of these numbers, you may have an iron deficiency severe enough to merit iron therapy.

Remember, this has nothing to do with hemoglobin or anemia for RLS patients. You can have a severe iron deficiency and not be anemic. Your hemoglobin can be 12 or above. But if you fall short on one if those 4 parameters, that can be the problem.

Be assertive with your doctor, but not rude or aggressive. Simply tell him that if he won't order these tests you will find someone else who will order them. Please. Make sure you know your *complete* iron status. It could save you much suffering and misery.

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facebook.com/CHBuzzard43/vi... -hopefully you can open this one - there are 3 videos - this is #2. You can use the arrow at the left and right center margins of the video itself to toggle to #1, which speaks of augmentation, and #3


Thank you for all your responses. My Doctor thinks my levels are just fine - but dont doctors always say that, just as long as you are within range.

To me, there's a difference between being just within range, and being in a range that makes you feel the best.

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Yes, they do and they also don't always pay attention to changes of WNL of lab tests from previous tests. I do and if I'm drifting up or down within the normal range I insist on dealing with it before values and sx become problematic. I sometimes get grief from this from docs but I can be 'pushy'. People without pain and symptoms feel the 'let's wait and see' approach is fine. People that feel bad and have pain want action. Doctors sometimes need to be reminded of this! In my opinion! irina1975


Hello to everyone, can anyone help with my iron level tests?

Iron 4.3 umol/L (6.6-26.0)

TIBC 65 umol/L(41-77)

Transferrin saturation 7%(20-55)

Should i start vit supplements? What strong?


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