In yesterday's Daily Mail: Wraparound magnet that may end the misery of restless leg syndrome which brings misery to millions of Britons

In yesterday's Daily Mail (copied verbatim):

It sounds faintly ridiculous – but restless leg syndrome (RLS), characterised by uncomfortable twitches in the muscles of the legs, brings misery to millions of Britons.

Some experts suggest that up to 15 per cent of the population could be affected, and although many simply put up with the condition, some are prescribed sleeping pills, anti-epileptic drugs and benzodiazepine, all of which can have serious side effects.

Now, a magnetic gadget is having remarkable success in alleviating RLS, also known as Ekbom’s Disease.

Nine in ten patients who used the device – a Velcro-adjustable leg-wrap – found it eased symptoms, according to a study by Dr Nyjon Eccles, who specialises in alternative and complementary medicine at The Hale Clinic in London.

The LegCare wrap is fitted below the knee and above the calf muscle. During the study, patients wore their wrap 24 hours a day for one month.

After five months, the majority said pain, twitching and tingling was reduced by 50 per cent. By comparison, just 20 per cent of users said drugs offered relief, and one in ten found natural therapies helped.

RLS is thought to be due to problems in the parts of the brain that control movement – in particular the neurotransmitter dopamine – but doctors do not know the precise cause.

Just how the wrap works is also not known, though some studies suggest there may be an improvement in circulation and a calming of the nerve signals.

Yet numerous studies have shown magnets work no better than sham treatments in a host of illnesses they have been claimed to treat.

Sufferers of RLS are mainly female. Pregnancy has been reported to offer temporary respite from the twitching. Others say it worsens after the menopause.

Natural remedies found to be effective include supplements containing magnesium and iron tablets, although the latter should be used only in individuals with proven iron deficiency.

What are your thoughts on this? Perhaps you may wish to add them to the comments section at the end of the article...

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  • I bought one of these a few years ago, didnt work for me. :(

  • hi elisse if you have still got these do you want to sell them I will try anything going absolutely spare

  • I havent got the one i bought anymore, i must have thrown it out.

  • Hi everyone, I bought 2 of these about 5 years ago and they did not help me at all!! Just wish they had!!

  • hi daisymay the same goes for you only my sister suffers really bad the same as me she will try anything so let me no if you still have them we are both from England

  • The article was brought to my attention on

    I was more interested in reading the comments at the end of the article.

  • ps Anyone know if Daragh has left?

  • dont think so, he posted this, he's chair isnt he?

  • Ha ha ....I just noticed that! Duh!

  • LOL I had to be told before I noticed. I am glad I asked though.:)

  • Ooops! Good that he is still around. :)

  • Hi Kaarina, left where....?? He was the one who posted the article... :)

  • Ooops, sorry so he did, Elisse. He usually adds his name at the end of posting. Good that he is still around. :)

  • Oh yes, we need him... :)

  • We most certainly do. :) :) I wonder if his ears are burning? ;)

  • I'm certainly still here folks!

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  • No idea on daragh! I've indirectly had a lot of experience with magnetic wraps. They do not have any effect on me. I feel a much stronger magnetic field would

    Be needed to have any significant effect on the body. But don't knock it till you try it. They do help a lot of people for various complaints.

  • I saw someone post this same thing on the RLS-UK FB page, on the post about this. I agree , the magnetic field would have to be really strong, of it worked at all.

  • It didn't work for me either. But if it did would I still be here? So perhaps anyone ie the huge percentage it is supposed to have helped are happily going about their 'leg' free life .....

  • Daily Mail, Daily Hell!! They always come up with cures on anything and everything. According to the Daily Mail, everything ailments have been cured by now and, we no longer need GPs, hospitals, etc.!! I'm waiting for them to come up with a cure to death itself. So I take any articles from there very LIGHTLY!!

    Though, I would think that the leg wraps could probably feel nice but I don't care much about the magnet!!

    That's only my opinion!!

  • Actually those leg wraps are itchy to wear, so not so feel good. :( I expect the Daily Mail gets paid well to put these type of articles in their paper. Just

  • Not sounding too skeptical, I would agree with you. I also think that they use this as a strategy to sell their newspapers, i.e. scavenging on people's misery.

  • Having RLS for three years and on doppermine patches, pregavalin for pain, vista mine D and B for deficiency, tramadol also helps it is under control finally and I am sleeping very well now. So much so that I am on holiday, flew a few long flights journeys, and long walks. Was without parches for a few days and now feel confident RLS is well under control. I hope someone finds this useful.

  • I would not be tempted to buy these products, but I will say, that each time I have had an MRI scan, I have noticed a short term improvement, interesting!


  • Mmmm interesting . I've never had one but often wondered if it would have an effect how long have your sessions been?

  • Magnoplus make them as well and I wore them for years before my knee replacements - they are for arthritis - made no impact on my RLS though !

  • Just out of interest did it help your arthritis? And what type did you use...was it the wide or narrow wraps or the bracelets?

  • oh my goodness yes - I couldn't go out without them - the wide Magnoplus ones just below the knee

  • I have bought these in the past and they did not work for me either.

  • I posted very early on after joining that these wraps work for me most of the time - my thing is to get them on as soon as I 'sense' an episode coming on - if I don't, then they don't work! Also take magnesium daily and there is a marked difference in the number of episodes I get. All of that said - being on here has made me thankful for the fact that I don't seem to have it nearly as severely as some of you guys - I feel for you!

  • I read all your comments with great interest and fancy trying these wraps if I knew how to get hold of one

  • If you really want one of these wraps, google LegCare Wrap, order one and part with £24.00 + postage. Easy peasy. At the same time you can read all the fantastic results buyers have achieved by purchasing one of these Wraps. ;) I do not know why I am telling you this as I would not wish to encourage anyone to buy one of these for the symptoms of RLS. You asked though....

  • testimonials are not always what they "seem" to be. ;)

  • What if I was the ONE that it worked for? I am really thinking about

    it... I hate any kind of drug and really want to take an all natural

    approach if possible. So far from what I read up on magnets,

    they are not harmful.

  • Yikes, its up to you if you wish to purchase one, its a hit or miss on whether it will work. They are not harmful at all.

    Most people on here who have tried them, including myself, havent found they work for RLS. Have a look to see if they give a refund, i cant remember.. I think its a UK based product, so you have to think about shipping. But google it so you can get more info. :)

  • I have tried various magnets in the past, and again recently, unfortunately neither have made on iota of difference, however if some RLS sufferers think that they have worked for them, then I am pleased for them.

  • If you google magnopulse (not magnoplus. It's a company based in bristol UK. They have been taken to court on occasion for unsubstantiated claims. And the doc that did the research sells them! But like I always say....don't knock it till you try it. I know many people that swear by them for themselves and their animals for various complaints

  • For the reasons you stated, that is why this does not pass the "smell" test. Of course, it is up to anyone to try these, and the placebo effect can be very strong. It cannot hurt of it has 100% gtd money back, but the fact that the doctor who did the study sells them...........conflict of interest is what it called professionally. Lot of that going around.

  • oh, I googled them, all right. In 2011, Magnopulse claimed they were "supplying the NHS" and that was "unsubstantiated" and not true. The owners, will eliminate names, were also brought before the board of the "Office of Fair Trading". And, there is a lot more. I, personally, would not do business with a company with as many conflicts of interest, or legal troubles like that. In the US we are always dealing with the Federal Trade Commission. This leads to the actual investigations. It is also my own opinion, and feelings on whether to do business with a company like this, but I never will.

  • yes i know all that and have for a long time! but as Ive said many people have good results from these products and as jitterbug said , the people it works for are not going to be on this site, I would not rule anything out..some drugs dont work for some of us. so this is much the same!!

    also just because we have to pay for something doesnt mean its a scam. Luckily we have the NHS and insurance to help with the cost of drugs or else we would be paying full cost for them too!!

  • Thanks. I'm still looking for more information. I am

    looking for another source sold in the USA

    I appreciate that everyone on here truly has

    my best interests at heart.

    There is a ton of conflicting information on this.

    The only way that I will know is to invest in it...

    and see for myself provided that a USA company

    produces and sells a product similar to this.

    Someone on here mentioned that a MRI contributed

    to ending the RLS at least for a short period. I never

    said a word to anyone but I could have made that

    statement exactly. It's probably the fact that I

    used drugs (valium) to knock me out for one of them.

    The other one, I had no narcotics and

    my legs calmed down completely for a single night.

    The next night was mild.. then my legs made up

    for lost time. They wouldn't sit still even for a dinner.

    Standing did nothing..I had to keep stretching them

    for several times each half hour.

  • Kaarina I am now having second thoughts after re reading your comments about the wraps, I have had RLS for over 40 years but manage to get relief with co codamol (and hot baths even in the early hours) and it seems to work for me. Also I read a comment re Citalopram today which i have been on since my husband died so am trying for Venlafaxine


  • oh thats me , thats me....i just use co codamol and am on citalopram . are you in the US as in the UK I cannot get any alternative to citalopram!!!!

  • Hi thedragon I am in the UK Cheadle Cheshire i shall be seeing my GP shortly to ask about switching from Citalopram to Venlafaxine so will certainly let you know how i get on

  • oh thankyou x x x

  • Oh my goodness. I am going to have a PHD

    with the enormous amount of medicines that

    people use.

  • well all this talk of magnets has re awakend my interest. my rls started again after a feww hours off and ive put the leg wrap around my thigh. (ive owned one for many years but never really gave it a chance) and also have two very very strong magnets in a bandage on either side of my ankle. they are so strong that if they touch together I cant separate them , my other half has to do it! and guess what..i`m sitting quietly at my desktop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have experimentation to do!!!!!

  • heres the picture to prove shes wearing it :)

  • ha ha ha thankyou honey x x x

  • Forum users: Surfdog posted the same enthusiastic comment on the EARLS Facebook page under the name Andy Price. Magnopause is run by Derek Price and Wendy Price. The matching surnames may be just a coincidence.

    I have left this product endorsement on the forum as there are counter-arguements below which I think many of you may find useful.

  • I took the bait and ordered. I wore them for some time now.

    I am not doing better. Will keep at it awhile. Clunky and

    a little uncomfortable so far.

    I don't want to talk about what a fool I was with my money here.

  • I bought 2 of these about 3 years ago . I wore them for 24hrs a day to really test them out but they did absolutely nothing for me.

    The only thing that ever really helped me were Dopamine patches but my body reacted against them with terrible skin irritation and sores. What else can I try?

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