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Magnesium Citrate - Nearly Completely Clears RLS Symptoms for us



My partner has found the use of magnesium citrate to almost completly clear her symptoms of restless leg - we have experimented with various diet patterns and alternative heaing practices and this is the one clear thing that makes a profound difference. Symptoms return if we have missed out on ordering a fresh batch and receed when using again. its brilliant and wanted to share incase it helps others out there.

we go for a high quality brand to obtain good quality.

hope this can help many of you.


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That’s wonderful! I too have found great relief from RLS by taking magnesium citrate. I have posted on this board several times stating so.

mycahlo in reply to Jphickory

So glad to hear you have found relief also and that your posts have been up to help others. We are stronger together with positive information towards health and healing.

Jrskyhook32 in reply to mycahlo

I’ve tried Magnesium supplements but to no avail. Is Magnesium Citrate different?

Great news. What strength and how much does she take and when?x

Great news - how much magnesium citrate do you take? Have you found this form better than other forms of magnesium?

Probably very old news but magnesium citrate is the one. You take a dose in the morning with small spoon provided. Also soak feet nightly in Epsom salts. It works unless you happen to be on a course of steroids in which case nothing works and bonkersness reigns.

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