TENS machine


Just thought I'd mention something that I found works for me, it might be somewhere else on here (sorry)

I was prescribed Amitriptyline for my RLS but found it turned me into a zombie during the day. I've found using a tens machine really helps, I got one quite cheap from Lloyds Pharmacy (£12)


I sometimes get a but tangled up in it in the night, but it just disconnects itself rather than strangle my extremities or break and no strong medication to have side effects from.

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  • A tens didnt help me, in fact i think the sensations from it made mine worse.

    But its working for you so i am glad to hear that .

  • What position did you have the electrodes at?

  • I put the sticky pads on my calfs with the leads going up my body, so I can tuck the controller down my nightie top! :)

  • Look at the RLS-UK website and you will find that Amitryptilene is the absolute worst

    thing for RLS. I was on it for night time Arthritis pain. My RLS improved by 50% when I stopped taking it.

  • yeah I got the feeling the doctor didn't think it through that well, I described the symptoms and he just said "Yeah you've got Restless Leg Syndrome, take these" I was quote shocked he confirmed a diagnosis at first time of mentioning, even though I explained it had been driving me mad for years

  • I'm starting to think that the use of a TENS machine may have stared my RLS, or at least moved it from minor to wake me up all night and leave me crying for sleep! My GP suggested I buy one to help with the pain from arthritis, (but thinking on it know with two replacement knees, I should not have the arthritis pain any more) gave me no advice as to how to use it or where to put pads. I googled the pad positioning, slapped them on and BANG, full blown undiagnosed RLS ever since.

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