Restless Legs Syndrome
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My doctor started me back on Morphine Extended Release 15 mg TID. I am quitting Norco 7.5/325 to restart Morphine. I have Chronic Pain Syndrome, I hit by a bus 9/1/04. My goal is to treat RLS with Morphine Sulfate ER, and my constant and persistent Pain with the Extended Release, and to treat my breakthrough with short acting Mo' Fiends. The Acetaminophen in Norco is a drawback. I want to stop using it.

My question for others using Morphine.

Right now my question is, can you get by using only Morphine only. My Hamstrings in my groin are experiencing that annoying, tickling urge to move. I'll take some Pramipexole 0.5 mg

I'd appreciate any insights on helping Morphine work for me Thanks in Advance

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I hope you get relief from the pain with the morphine. I am sure some members will be able to give their input on it. Are you still using the Lidocaine patches for the RLS, or have you stopped them now you are taking morphine.


Morphine quiets the restlessness(that annoying itching tickling burning feeling in a muscle that is relieved by jerking, kicking, or flexing. Lidocaine Patches relieve that annoying MoveMe Sensation. it is important to keep taking your supplements regularly, too

I haven't achieved Peaceful Legs Syndrome yet. I can see how to do it for me, though, I think.

I still feel annoyed and burdened by the need to do all these things to make my unwanted abnormality Normal. I have gotten beyond the whiney feeling of Why Me. It doesn't matter.

I've just restarted morphine. There are surprises waiting for me, and y'all as I and we share our successes and failures.

My Circadian Rhythm adjusting sleep(part of the process to obtain PLS) is screaming at me to go to bed, or is that my cat, or is it my imagination. No, Its those pesky alien thought waves. Dang I'm out of Aluminum Foil.


Your crackers if you goon morpheme all you will get is cold turkey Get some pregabilin they work for me and help you sleep


Pregabalin is contraindicated in my case. IV Mo'fiends produces chilly poultry. Oral doesn't.

I'll keep tap dancing quietly using multiminerals, . Vit Amen, the healthy pharaoh, and Pramipexole, Nile Goddess of Dance, and Lidocaine Patches, which Reeeally Dew Wirk, but are expensive. Are you NHS or some otther flavor of health care. One members NHS Physician would prescribe the patches because there use for RLS insin't documented.

I anecdotally attest to their effectiveness. Put a 5% patch directly on the kick-jerking muscle, and finally enjoy some peace.


I'll keep passing on the Lidocaine patch tip one by one, hoping that someone else will learn My solution, and Blabber their Haid off, helping to get this lovely truth documented. In my case the effect of a patch is instantaneous. $77/30 patches is expensive. In some areas of the world it's mo' than that. The Lidocaine Gel isn't as effective. Try the patch, please, the prescription ones, 5%, by Enda Pharmaceuticals, Lidoderm Patches. Remember to wash your hands after using

Brian Day on the western side of the choppy pond


BBGuess, are your using the Pramipexole along side of the patches..? I was hoping IF i got those patches i would be able to drop the pramipexole. And actually its not a muscle that gives us that jumping leg/legs. Muscles jerking.jumping are not anything to do with RLS.

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Muscle jerking.jumping not anything to do with RLS...hmmm, With What Then? I've thought Deglovement syndrome might be more appropriate. I learned the Veterans Administration is treating soldiers from the ME wars, with degloved limbs from roadside bombs. I've heard tantalizing bits and pieces of their treatment methods.

I first posted on this Forum regarding those tantalizing hints of cures I've heard. I've kind of set those curiosities aside, so once again, Elisse, you've steered toward another perspective. The VA info had turned out to be untappable for an outsider. I've tried several 'sure-fire' routes and come up with nothing. The VA is tightly closed medical world, because they're part of the always secretive military. I don't know the secret handshake to give me, Non Military Non Medical Me, access to the treatments that are being used.

Why do you say so positively that my kicking.jerking isn't RLS? My contractions are awfully powerful and violent. I have the same annoying, 'itching urge to mambo in my muscles as RLS. I had true bonafide, textbook RLS from Tardive dyskinesia in the '80's. I used an anticholinergic then to control it.

Anticholinergics aren't ever suggested in this forum. They should be. Dopamine Inhibitors like Pramipexole aren't effective.

Undocumented or Not, Elisse, Lidocaine patches are 100% effective for me. I'm having unwanted flexing , moving in my left foot and ankle and foot right now, I'll need to take off my shoe and Ankle Foot Orthotic brace{I have drop foot..foot drop, o'er the Pond}, and put on a Patch or two to stop this episode. I had a very active day food shopping today, walking many miles In Search Of. I normally sit in this crippling Power Chair all day, answering phones and countless emails concerning the management of my Medical life. I euphemistically labeled these daily activities as the Business of Brian years ago. It has become an 18/24/7 Business.

These forums are my release, my relaxation. I'm going to go nibble on a goodie and think about all I've forgotten so quickly.

RLS is a documented medical condition with symptoms close enough to mine, so RLS gives me access to medical help, where DeGlovement Syndrome only gives me closed doors, and shaking heads, "Sorry, never heard of that"



BBGuess, maybe it feels like its your muscles, sometimes RLSers have a job to describe the feelings they have. Yes, the jumping, jerking is RLS. I was just pointing out that its not muscle related. I get a deep ache in my calves with my RLS. It feels like its my muscles, but i know it isnt. Does that make sense..? I didnt explain myself properly in my other comment to you and it mislead you. I was probably sleep deprived and didnt think it out on how to explain it. I probably still havent explained. :(


Yes, aching and that awful urge., n' the itch you can't scratch. I haven't exercised Hard in a long time. Before the bus, 3/4x/week, since 9/1/2004 only a few workouts. I watch the quadriceps and have wondered i they were exercising. Before...I walked 20 miles/week, did sets of leg press 6 sets of 20 repetitions with 550 LB+. I worked my muscles hard. I felt great, definitely not disabled, which I have been legally since '77.

I'd developed my own way of controlling spasticity and partial paralysis on my left side


RLS is a neurological, movement related sleep disorder that, like Elisse has said, is not muscular. The nerves are firing up , but it is not muscular in nature. The etiology of RLS is neurological. is a good place to read and get other's experience. The dopamine receptors get blocked and the neurotransmitters do not operate properly, that is RLS. Why, nobody knows what the root cause is. But it is NOT muscular, and any reputable RLS doctor or web site or RLSer will tell you the same thing. There are MANY mysteries when it comes to RLS, but the fact that it IS most certainly a neurological disease is indisputable in all of the literature out there. need to keep our facts straight! ;) nite!


Erona 3 , You can use the lidocaine cream which stays on longer, goes in deeper "And the patch.. just apply the patch first. I used both when I had my knee issues and surprisingly

it worked well for rls. Yes the patches are really the USA they are triple that cost.. but if they work, they do...

After some time though RLS came back through it all... I don't really talk that much about rls to you anymore.. because I had that long stretch that I didn't get it anymore..

Do you wonder about how lidocaine affects the entire circulatory system? Does it slow the heart down?

maybe it's okay.. people are getting infusions of lidocaine these days for pain.. and with good results.


I was in the hospital getting morphine for my leg/ knee incident and it did calm the urge to move very nicely but the morphine was going in by IV.. Ive never had oral but it can't possibly be as strong as what I was getting. Once off morphine, it was crazy bad for RLS and I didn't even know about pramipexole yet. I didn't even know rls had a name..

If you are going to be on Morphine (oral, that is) for a long, long time then it might

take care of you well for RLS. If you are going to come off of it - have another plan

in mind. Some medicines take a long time - 6 to 8 weeks or more to work.. always

start working on a failure of relief plan so doctor can just call in the prescription

if it happens before your next visit...

You said something about taking vitamins and pramipexole? Am I understanding

you correctly that you plan to not take pramipexole anymore? IF that's the

case then you need to talk to your doctor about a longer term plan.. I have this

really weird feeling that you will not continue on Morphine for RLS..

Hopefully the bus injury will not last and last and you will be doing other things

to correct your injuries.. like physical therapy and tens, other things.. and boy oh

boy do they ever offer a lot of gadgets to you to make your body feel better.

Enjoy the good feeling that you have right now. I'm sorry that you and the bus

didn't get along well. Keep us posted.


I have been on morphine for RLS and a crumpled back for a decade and 1/2 and have no intention of ever going off of it, at the same dose for that entire time. My sleep doc, neuro, GP, and pain doc all agree, so if one of them leaves for any reason, I have several backup doctors that know this is the only thing that works for ME, plus a sleep med, clonazepam, and hydrocodone ( not available in UK) These have been my RLS and pain meds for well over 10 yrs. Don't need to fix what is not 'broke' as they say. ;) for ME, that is the only regime of meds that have ever worked. And, I have tried them all, not just saying that, I have literally tried them all. :) Night!


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