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Worth Repeating

Statins have been mentioned on here before but the following statement from a member 11 months ago is worth repeating here:

"Yes, I have a cholesterol problem but cannot touch any of the meds available. My RLS immediately worsens if I do. Have tried several of them. Fortunately my HDL/LDL relation is very favourable so I need not worry too much about it. All I can suggest is that you lower (or at least try to) your cholesterol levels with the correct diet. I found that the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water first thing in the morning helps a lot. It has MANY other health advantages too. I have my RLS under control (am awake for at the most 15 minutes per night) by taking four Arginine (L-arginine) (I prefer the Solal product) after breakfast. It takes a month or two of regular use before you will notice the difference. L-Arginine apparently boosts your blood flow to the legs, calming them. Hope this helps."

The vast majority of the people on this earth can take statins and never experience RLS. For those of us pre-disposed to RLS, statins can possibly trigger or make RLS much worse than it needs to be. Statins inhibit iron. Our poor brains have so little iron to begin with then add an iron reducing drug and you have sheer madness.

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Thank you for reposting this. Statins are not good on all fronts, but with RLS, they are horrible. If any of you think you need to be taking this stuff, there are a world of books available now that expose these drugs for the money-makers they are. Research is showing that the whole heart/cholesterol theory is bad science and just plain wrong. Side effects are completely debilitating and there are NO studies that prove any effectiveness in women, and very little for men. Statins destroy your memory and your muscles. Perhaps RLS is just the first step toward losing your leg muscles. If any of you on these things are having trouble getting up out of a chair, STOP this stuff immediately. Doctors will get angry, but it's your body, not theirs.

If you are interested in reading about how I found out about this, my mother's story, and links for more info, check out my blog post: chronicdiseaseprevention29....


Jmwe, I want to point out how even though your mother was susceptible to migraines since college and possibly RLS, it was not until she was put on statins that these two illnesses became a daily battle for her. The same was true for me. Occasional RLS until I started what I thought were benign drugs and supplements including; Benedryl, Tagamet and Melatonin. Once I introduced these drugs into my life on a regular basis, my ultra mild RLS (relatively speaking) became horrible restless body x10.

I think the vast majority of people that visit this website, maybe as high as 95%, would see significant benefit from a drug overhaul.


Well, amen to that!


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