Restless Legs Syndrome


Hi folks went back on the 50mg tab not been to bad with the sleepiness I take 2,been awake for hours it's funny leg still goes but no pain so have had to get up,well I shall stick with this tab and see what happens. Best bit of news is I am going to see my daughter tomorrow I have waited months to go as legs have been so bad. Hope toe is better Kim. Good luck to you all x

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Think of you Beady and hope the meeting with your daughter goes well. Been up with my legs since 3:30 this morning, they were also bad yesterday evening....bloody legs and arms. Keep smiling .


Thanks Blokie ,are you still on Tram I think you take 4 tabs 50 mg is that right I am on 2 tabs 50mg do they make you sleepy ? How long have you been on Tram x


Hi Beady, yes I'm still on Tram, one in the morning when I get up(helps with the back pain) usually two on the afternoon about 3:30 pm and one in the evening about 8:30 pm, this helps with the evening jitters and usually see's me through the night if I'm lucky . But lately I've been woken up at 5:30 am with RLS and then I don't take another till afternoon or when the jitters start again.

Hope your daughters visit goes well. Love Blokie.

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Hi Beady, soooo glad you are finally able to go and visit your daughter , I know its what you have been aiming for.Have a great time.My toe is starting to heal now thanks , Good luck x


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