Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi, There are so many comments and different symptoms for rls, my heart goes out to everyone who gets it, there have been times when i have wanted to cry because it just would'nt go away, i have done circles around the coffee table in my lounge, paced up and down the gang way on a long haul flight, and god knows what else, all i want to do sometimes is tie my legs in a knot to try and get some relief, as i said in my last post i take quinine bisulphate prescribed by my GP these seem to work for me, although sometimes they take a while to work, i have been told they are for cramp which is the one thing i dont really suffer with. i just wish that someone out there would invent a pill that would make it go away for good. my mum suffered with rls later in her life and she was prescribed quinine and she had had 3 heart attacks and 4 strokes previously to being prescribed for these pills, so if they can affect your heart why did they still give them to her? she passed away nearly two years ago but it wasn't from heart problems

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Hi, yes some people have pain with the rls and people describe symptoms in different ways but the urgecto move must be present. If you go thecRLS-UK website you will see the criteria.

I am sorry your mum suffered so much and has passed away.It sounds like you may have the genetic type of RLS if your mum suffered too.

Yes I am sure most of us understand the frustration of RLS

Sarah youdont mention thecRLS causing you to be up in the night or stopping you from sleeping does this happen? X


Hi, No it does'nt wake me at night at all but it does stop me going to sleep when i have it.i started to get it about 2 pm yesterday so i took a quinine and stayed on my feet doing some jobs and it went off, i also have read on this site about eating bananas helps so i had 1 in the morning and eat 2 around 4pm, i cant say whether it helped but when i went to bed last night i didn't have it at all which was wonderful, but my legs felt heavy, not that i cared it was just great not to have it. what i dont understand is if its genetic why did i get it when i was 14 and my mum didnt get it till she was in her 60s, my son gets it as well but not very often, also my neighbour gets it now and then. joining this site has made me quite shocked i had no idea so many people suffered with this awful disease. i find it strange that most say quinine is for cramp and shouldn't work for rls but for me they are fantastic and they do work 99% of the time. i think if i didn't have them you would find me climbing the walls. sue


Suszie, I noticed you say when RLS started you took your quinine then stayed on your feet and did some jobs and then it went off.Can I suggest ot was the staying on your feet and moving around that eased it rather than the quinine? I used to get up in the night and make a hot chocolate drink and used to think the hot milk that eased my symptoms but now I realize it was the getting up and moving around.Just something to ponder lol

Pipps x


Funny you should say that p1pp1ns, i also used to think it was getting up and making a cup of tea in the night helped my RLS. Until i realised it was me walking about the kitchen that gave the relief. :)


The symptoms of rls are really the definition of RLS and no more.. or so that's the foundation of the rls groups and that is the unstoppable urge to move.. (usually the legs) everything else like cramping, pain, skin itching, twitching, jerking is all a symptom of something else going on. The twitching and jerking are something that seems to pop up at the same times as rls so you have to question the connection but in every medical is the urge to move the limbs that makes the diagnosis of rls...

You can have several other conditions at the same time as you have rls. Most do.

They have no pain relief in them at all.

They do not work for leg cramps, or skin itching, or for helping you to sleep.

They may help the legs to settle down from the urge to move.


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