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Restless Legs Syndrome
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How Do THC, CBN, and CBD Relate to Marijuana Potency?

How Do THC, CBN, and CBD Relate to Marijuana Potency?

How Do THC, CBN, and CBD Relate to Marijuana Potency?

THC, CBN and CBD: What Every Grower Needs to Know

by Nebula Haze

Recently, I've been doing a lot of research on cannabinoids (the stuff in marijuana buds that makes these particular flowers so special).

Skip the theory and jump down to the practical step-by-step instructions :


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Excellent Read..

Thanks for posting.




:) looking up the UK laws.

Thank you


I took another read on this because on another forum I was reading about the "type" of marijuana that is used for RLS... they are talking about Indica being the one that will relax you and settle down RLS. Please don't tell me that it's now branded like clothes are branded.. lol Do you know the difference? What does the name of the marijuana tell me? What if I were to buy it on the street? Whatever name would I call it? (or don't they do that and you get what you get) I can't know unless I ask and maybe you know this, maybe not?


Indica can produce more CBD which refers to being muscle reliever and sleep properties .

White widow has highest THC ( high maker ) content ( about 20% )

The street sellers may sale weed of only THC ( high ), and they harvest earlier, But MMJ makers wait for at least half of the pistils on flowers and small leaves turn from white to amber, that is where you can make sure you have a good quality MMJ. XXX


Don't ask me I'm still trying to get Sativex They are saying November now Is that Rahim on that pitchure He's a boy he is xxx


Hi Erona, is Sativex a kind of weed plant or a drug for RLS ?

Yap, that is original me, ask Yikes if you don't believe. XXX


I do believe you Rahim I think Sativex is a spray Hopfully it will be approved here in November I'm friends with yikes now Just friends Iv lost my baby ways Ha ha So good to here from you hope we can be friends


Speaking of Sativex, it's spray for the mouth containing - you guessed it, marijuana! Anyway, how did that work on pain, restlessness? Does anyone have data on that? I read in an article that Sativex cost $16,000 USA dollars for a month prescription. Some experts are saying that it's not cost effective enough.


I would love to bring our discussion forward for those thinking about using it..

It's now very much accepted as a treatment for rls, for neuropathy and many other

conditions in areas that permit the growth and use of marijuana. It's nothing to be

ashamed of, it's now medicine. =)


Do you believe that the street (gets you high) drug marijuana will work for

pain and restlessness or does it just get you high? Also, how much would

you expect to have to smoke of it to produce the desired effect which is

legs that lay still and sleep? That effect of getting high would last how long?

Would I feel the high in the morning? Is there a hangover effect?


Are you new in my class ?

That is all depend on the quality of your weed, there are some that can make you stoned for hours by just smoking half a joint. That is all depend on your weed grade. Yes some people might have hang over with it. No wouldn't feel high in the morning. I thought you couldn't smoke, in that case i suggest you seek other type of delivery to body, like making cannnabis oil of virgin olive oil.

Who is next


Right, the point is I could find noting to relief my pain in the market of medicine, unless I saved me by myself in a way I could stand the pain and get some sleep, so you think I am originally me ?


I think that you are really a circus performer.. the man on the flying trapeze. =p

It's important to get this information back out there. The USA doctors are limiting

the prescriptions of pain killers to some people with proven need. RLS is a "Say so"

disease meaning that there is no way to confirm if someone has it or not. Some

say that RLS is a made up condition. With that being said, I want to get the word out

there that marijuana is a very effective treatment for the RLS, Neuropathy, and many

more conditions. It's okay to smoke weed everyone, Gosh, if the pain was so or if I was awake for 3 days, of course I would use it.


You can consume cannabis oil rather than smoking weed.

High quality weed or MMJ would be fine.


I saw that marijuana is being used in lotions, salves and such.. if I were to buy

lotion or make my own, would that penetrate the skin to cause a positive drug

test? When you mentioned making salad oil - could I just throw a scant of it

into my salad or into my milkshake to get the same relaxation effect? Would it

take 2 times the amount if I ingested it vs. smoke it? Don't forget to talk to me

about the lotions too..


And me too were do get the lotions


What is the difference between recreational and medical marijuana?


Dunno ?




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