Restless Legs Syndrome
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slow release cinemet

took these for a month drove me barmy no sleep whatsoever so went back on repinarole at least you get some sleep with these (to much in fact) falling asleep about 8pm in the evening. On 2 mg at 6.0 in evening if I don't take it at this time my legs are all over the place no life so my neuro surgeon is going to try me on a new med they call it rotigotine skin patch(I don't think this is new been on this before MThs ago) but I will try anything

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I started on slow release Sinemet several months ago because my legs were bad all day but my GP said to continue with Ropinirole. I found I needed less Ropinirole but I experimented with taking it spaced throughout the day. I now take 1mg Ropinirole at 6pm, 1mg at 9pm and if necessary 0.5 to 1mg in the morning. This works for me for most days but of course RLS is its own master and it will decide to give you a bad day or two for the hell of it!!!

I also meant to say that Sinemet with Ropinirole has given me a fairly normal life now as Sinemet has smoothed the "rough edges" or the feeling of apprehension you get with RLS.

I hope the patches work for you and you get your life back.

Cheers... Jeff


Try Slow Release Ropinirole it works for me. I take 4mg at midday and 2mg at about 5pm


Hi Gonzo I noticed your comment about Ropinirole and like you I take it different times, I try and take 2mg at night and 1mg in the morning if I have had a bad night, sometimes I can go all day without any, and take only 2mg at night, sometimes I sleep all night and sometimes I don't, so I have taken the decision that I will take Ropinirole as when I need it within my dosage. I feel like so many others that RLS is life changing, and destroying very good people and no-oner knows how it feels until they get it, it reminds me of the "bad back" syndrome, I have had to wait a long time for some of the people who used to tut and nod and sneer, but eventually my time came when they had a bad back, and were expecting some help and sympathy, it was very hard not to refuse, but like everything, until you have something NO-ONE know hows it feels, and I think RLS can give you depression through lack of sleep, causing you to stress about things that are not done etc, One day they will find something for US all to take and we will all be relieved, well rested and happy, until then we will all have to keep using this VERY WONDERFUL SITE to say how we feel and vent out feelings.

I know my reply to Gonzo has gone slightly off the track, but hey ho!

Take care to all of u sufferers, YOU ARE NOT ALONE we are ALL HERE FOR EACH OTHER.


Hi Widgeylegs, I know exactly how you feel. I think the main thing is about Ropinirole is it is the slow release ones that seem to work so they are drip feeding medication slowly all day.


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