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Changing to slow release pramipexole


Can anyone explain how slow release works for them? I recently asked my g.p. for this and was prescribed one 260 microgram at night. Previously I was on normal pramipexole for several years, latest dose being 2 x 180 microgram tablets per day, taken around 7 pm and 2 am. However the slow release, taken at 7 pm, left me without any relief during the evening or night. When is the best time to take it for relief during this period?

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Hi, i take the prolonged release mirapexin (pramipexole), i take 1.05 mgs at night, i find that suits me best, and thats when my pharmacist told me it would work best, but we are all different, but i usually take it an hour before i go to bed, then i have a hot bath, and jump in bed, usually works well for me, then i get a good whack of it in my system, i dont understand the difference in our doses here, im terrible with any form of maths !!, hope it works as well for you, ive been on this dose for about 2 years now, gradually worked up to this dose

hello Casimira,

I take prolonged release pramipexole 0.52mg. I take one in the morning and one at night.

They work very well for me, I'm getting more sleep than I've had for years.

Hello casimira

I have just changed from normal Pramipexole to slow release Pramipexole 4 nights ago. My GP put me on the same dose of slow release as i was on normal but i was on the most you could take [ right dose for level of my RLS ] also x 2 normal tabs as a buffer until the slow release reached the right level. Idealy you should take one dose of slow release but at the right dose. Getting to the right dose depends on your symptoms. If you are not getting any relief your not on the right dose. I take my slow release at 6 pm as this about 1 hour before i start getting RLS symptoms but i am very sleepy so i may have to ask GP to reduce the amount of dose as the slow release tab is broken down in the body differantly.

Have you seen RLS specialist or can your Dr get some advice from a Specialist.

I do some research and with help from my GP we work it out together, because most GPs are learning as they go on RLS and treatment.

I hope i havent confused you even more ?


I'm surprised at anyone being told to take 2 doses of the prolonged release version of this drug because I was told each tablet was for 24 hours.


Hello Casimira,

I have changed a couple of months ago from normal Pramipexole to slow release Pramipexole. I take 3 tablets at 7 pm (0.26 mg each) and that's the right dose for me. Mostly I go to bed at 11.30 pm and I can sleep till 5 or 6 am. I agree with bambisoloved that you're not on the right dose, ask your GP! I wish you all the best!


Pete, im was told the same thing, slow release is a 24 hour pill, goes to show some doctors know less than us

Many thanks to all of you for your helpful advice.

check out your meds on these two web sites, or 3 actually, since everyone is on a different dose here. and as always, the treatment page on They are US web site, but the info is universal. The dosage thing is some math you will have to work out between micrograms and milligrams. A conversion chart would help, and you can google for one of those. good luck!

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