Restless Legs Syndrome
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Are there any treatments for RLS that work but don't cause daytime tiredness as a side-effect?

I seem to've developed daytime tiredness a lot recently. Although also suffering from sleep apnoea, that is treated by a CPAP machine. I suspect the cause could be a side effect of the pramipexole I am taking for RLS. I've tried ropinerole and the Patch but didn't get on well with them. Does anyone else take anything that doesn't cause sleepiness? Cheers, Tpebop.

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Thats a hard one to answer, as we all react differently to the RLS meds. I am taking pramipexole, 2 and a 1/4 of the .125mg and altho i am waking early in the morning, i can cope so far. When i tried 21/2 of the pills or more, it makes me extremely sleepy in the day.

Gabapentin caused me daytime sleepiness, the patch did sometimes. and the pain killers are no no for me, way to sleepy in the day. I only ever tried ropinerole once for a week, that also made me very sleepy in the day. I guess i am a sleepy person. lol. I do know i am very sensitive to ALL the RLS meds, and i think all of them make me sleepy. It a real pain, as it can stop me doing so much, as in going out and such. Also dizziness goes along with the sleepiness for me.


Thanks Elisse. I really does seem we're cursed. We can't get to sleep 'cos our legs keep kicking. If we take meds to stop the kicking and to enable us to sleep then we can't stay awake during the day. Daytime sleepiness means we can be a risk to ourselves and others plus lose our jobs. Nice! Put in such blunt terms, it really is rather depressing. Oh well, chin up! Best wishes, Tpebop, Kent, Britain.


Tpebob, i do know of someone on another forum, who takes a pill to keep her awake during the day, as she works. I dont know what it is called, or whether any doctors here in the UK would prescibe it, the lady who takes it is in the USA.

As i am retired, i just put up with the sleepy days when they happen, so its not a pill i have asked about or needed for me.

You could ask your doctor if there is something to counteract the sleepiness.

Just thinking out loud here...


Thanks once again Elisse; I'll give it a go and ask my doc...


I am on 3mg of Neupro, 50mg-100mg Pregavalin and other. Working full time, yoga and meditation, very strict diet, gardening. In the night when I cannot sleep I do jewellery making. The days I do not sleep well I force myself to go to work and not sleep in the day. I hope it's useful. Best wishes. Mispiernas


I've tried pramipexole but it made me very aggressive :-/ and I took lyrica for tmj nerve pain and stopped asap because I was too uncomfortable to leave the house.

Anyway, my current regime makes it bareable for now.

I don't sit during the day usually but when I do it kicks in. I get it in legs, arms and back. I take 400+mg of magnesium and 200+mg of l-theanine at about 5pm everyday. Then at about 8pm, I take a dihydrocodeine. I have tried dropping any one of them and it doesn't work. I think the theanine and magnesium give a quality to sleep that you don't get with prami.

I hope it will work for foseable... Occasionally I've had to add another dhc but try to avoid because if a become tolerant I don't know what i'll do!


Does Lyrica work well for nerve pain? My friend has nerve pain that is severe.


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