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Kickstarter campaign on AllTrials continuing efforts please share on social media


kickstarting a campaign for Sense About Science because patients suffer when trials are withheld."

This issue affects all of us in terms of treatments, diagnoses, and medications. All scientific research trials need to be published instead of some information being held back so we don't see the whole picture.


Please copy and paste this link in your browser, to go to the AllTrials website kickstarter campaign and then hit the facebook and twitter and other buttons to share this on social media. Or donate to the cause if you can.

More work needs to be done by the team pushing for this to happen, and that is going to require money.

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If the battle is fought on a financial battleground, then it will be over before it has started

against the billions of multi national pharmaceuticals.

Public opinion against the bought political lobby choose how and where you fight.

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The kickstarter campaign is for funding to enable Ben to meet with the companies who have done research trials in person, and NOT as their guest, so he can show them the WHO recent call for all trials to be published, and convince them that it is going to be best for their company's image to move into alignment with those who have already agreed to publish past trials as well as to do so with all future ones. He is doing this on a very limited budget, and needs funding to help him meet that limited budget. It's not a huge amount, considering the work he is doing. It is not for his personal use or anyone else's

That's how I understand it and why I posted it.

A good video of his that explains what he is doing and why.

There are several more on YouTube by him that are excellent, also

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WHO giving this guy a little support when he is supporting their call ?

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Little guy fighting back should have all the support we can raise opportunity goes by Big Pharma win again calling the plays same as they always have.


I can't answer that. I have only read about the issue and I have difficulty remembering all details. I don't know if WHO have funding for his project, or whether their funds can be used for this purpose. You would have to ask him. You can go to his site or communicate with him on Twitter for more info. The WHO can call for all trials to be made public, but it is up to individual research bodies to decide whether they will publish past trial information. This is vital, and in my mind, it could save tens of thousands of lives, as well as provide information about which treatments should receive continued funding for more research replication, etc.


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