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Recruiting Patients for Gene Data Study with Nancy Klimas at Nova (*no travel necessary!*)


Join the M.E Gene Study at the Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine, Nova Southeastern University.

** It is ALL COMPLETELY WEB-BASED, meaning even the very severely affected can participate because there is *NO TRAVEL INVOLVED*. **

All the details are available at -

Nancy Klimas talks about the study here -

Please pass this information on to EVERYBODY you know with M.E. as Nancy is looking for data from AT LEAST 10,000 patients!

[23andme is one of the companies providing test kits for UK residents. Just 'spit and post!' -]

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Gene testing companies are in the USA which limits participation.

23andme is just one of the companies available in the UK -

£125 then

At this time, people who live in the UK cannot participate in research

I'm in the UK. I was accepted onto the Nova study and there have been no problems with contributing my data.

Looks like they're referring to 23andme's own research on that link you gave but you could email Nancy/Nova directly to ask. 23andme is one of the kits they recommend for the study and Nancy Klimas is well known/respected amongst M.E researchers.

I am well aware of Nancy Klimas and her work and I was following the link provided should I find myself with £125 spare.

Mailed for secure link onto site.

So glad you're interested in contributing to this! Just so you know, my results took 2+1/2 months, so they take a while but worth it! :-)

UK biobank information available for international researchers without the cost for participants of purchasing a DNA profile.

I contacted the biobank a while ago but couldn't contribute because I lived too far away. Considering there are approx. 60,000 patients who are very/severely affected with myalgic encephalomyelitis, dotted all over the country, who can't contribute to the biobank because they live too far away and can't travel etc, Nancy's study is an excellent opportunity to participate in research. Besides Ron Davis's Big Data Study with the End ME/CFS Project, nobody is studying the severely ill patients, and this study at least allows Nancy the chance to look at data belonging to the very/severely ill.

Mailed awaiting reply thank you for posting.

You're more than welcome! :-)

Thanks for sharing.

You're most welcome! :-)

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