Please ask your MP to attend the APPG on ME Wed May 11th

If you have not already done so please ask your local MP to attend the All-Party Parliamentary Group on ME awareness group's drop in session on Wednesday May 11th. This will hopefully help raise awareness of the condition and it's lack of support amongst our MP's who are ideally placed to do something about it.

You can do this by using the template letter provided by Action for ME as per this post

It's easy enough to do, must be because I have, and the more we can raise awareness the better so please share and encourage as many people as you can to help. Hope you feel up to giving it a go.

Good luck and Gentle hugs to all, Margaret.xx

10 Replies

  • Really helped having a search thing for finding my MP's email address sent though.

  • Used the template letter and asked, in fairness my MP has responded when I have raised matters previously so fingers crossed.

  • Rather fortunate in MP sending a representative along on last APPG committee meeting - some interest if not an appearance is praiseworthy.

  • Feeling rather smug already done this, something of a first when late and forgotten are my middle names.

  • Confidence in politicians doing the right thing in as short supply as my energy but no harm done in giving it a go and asking for some representation.

  • Ha ha, very true, me neither.  Politicians, especially true blue ones are not my favourite people, especially at the minute.

    But I always think if we don't keep up the pressure then why should we expect others to do it on our behalf.

  • Had a reply back that Parliament might not be sitting at the time but it has been put in the diary and will pop in if possible. Fair enough I thought.

  • Parliament may be prorogued (not sitting but sounds more painful) in run up to Queens speech apparently.

  • So that means they will have no day job to be getting on with and will have no excuse for missing it then . . . ?

  • MP attended and forwarded a copy of the recent report that was provided as information on the subject. Taking report along to next support group meeting.

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