PACE trial commentaries

Following an exchange of correspondence with journal editor Dr David Marks, it has been agreed by the publisher that ALL of the commentaries on the PACE trial will be made Open Access at no charge to the author.

5 Replies

  • Wise decision from Dr David Marks a great deal of interest in these commentaries will increase the traffic across the journals site.

  • Very clear critique by Johnathan Edwards identifying a major flaw in the trial which is often overlooked, the matter of an unblinded trial relying on subjective reporting has the effect of falling before the first hurdle in trial design terms.

  • Pace trials must be stopped. How many more patients of ME have to DIE for you so called medics to realise that exercise can kill people with ME.

    And how many of you so called medics need to realise that ME is NOT the same as CFS.

  • Cannot imagine this happening only a few years back the Americans, Norwegians and Australians are dragging this into the twenty first century with research confirming what patients have stated all along - a complex multi system disease of neuro immune origins.

  • Much going over my head as grasping the main points is the realistic outcome here.

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