Improved circulation!

Passed my first big test this morning, went and played golf and forgot to change my patch. It crossed my mind and I got a little concerned. Anyway didn't give it another thought and managed no problem. Anyway it's that windy in the North East wouldn't have been able to light a cigar Ha.

Now about the improved circulation I didn't know it affected all parts of the body, like a teenager all over again haha

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  • That's brilliant. I do think its mind over matter. I did a similar thing when I first started to quit. I went out without my inhalator, but soon got distracted and didn't bother.

    Keep up the good work and building up your energy levels. :)

  • Jimigolf. That' great. You are doing so well :D :D

    Sue x

  • Jimigolf. That' great. You are doing so well :D :D

    Sue x

  • Good going Jimi, and only in your second week! :) No problems at the nineteenth then? ;-)

  • Thanks for your comments, believe it or not I do believe this site is what's helping. I better go now I'm starting to sound soft.

    ps never had a problem with the nineteenth

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