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Um... headachy day?

Bit late on today... Saturday and all that.

Real headachy today.. not very bad, but I'm wondering if it's the ECig? Read somewhere to keep drinking lots of water, anyone else had a similar problem with Eciggies please let me know.

Otherwise, fine enough. I''m into day 13 now, and most definitely DON'T want a roll-up.. Now that's amazing to me!

Enjoy the weekend folks.. it is getting a touch warmer outside.. well, maybe.

Gill, xx

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Well done gill, 13 days of being a non-smoker. :) keep it up.


Well done gill :) keep going you can do this :)


Well done gill on 13 days,I'm on the e cig for past 17 days I havnt experienced headaches.


Hey Gill, headaches can quite often be a symptom of recovery :-)

Drinking plenty of water is the best thing to do and see how you go. Maybe also try practising some breathing exercises too to try and calm any 'pounding' down, if it's that kind of headache...

Stay staying positive as this helps big time :-)


Hi Gill

Don't know about ecigs (sorry) but maybe its because we have blue sky and sunshine and the light is too bright! Long time since we saw it so perhaps that could be some of it. Nice damp cool piece of towel or flannel laid across closed eyes sometimes helps me and may be worth a try!

Hope it doesn't stop you enjoying Saturday evening.

Try and keep smiling and brill for cocking a snoop at himself for 13 days.

Take care



Congratulations Gill, 13 days is a brilliant achievement!

I have been having headachy days, but think that just happens sometimes and take a couple of paracetamols. But reading Emjays advice and thinking about it, I have noticed I am drinking a lot less frequently - a ciggie was always accompanied by a drink, and now the ciggies have gone for me. Maybe you are drinking less too?, and getting dehydrated.

Just off to get a glass of water myself now.

I hope you head clears soon, and tomorrow you wake up clear and bright.


Hi Gill

Many congratulations, 13 days that's brilliant.

I have headaches and I think it is the ecig as I didn't drink enough water. Had loads of water today plus e cig and feel a lot better. Weather also helped.

Sleep well



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