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JillyGirl - 1 Year on since setting your final quit date!

JillyGirl - 1 Year on since setting your final quit date!

:D :D :D :D :D :D Congratulations! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Well done to you! :-)

- one year of successfully stopping smoking

- Another year older - and seeming younger every day ;-)

I am so very proud of you and hope you are too! So much has happened for you over the past 12 months and you have stayed strong throughout without letting those crafty white piggies get the better of you. Each day you have shown amazing support to everybody else who have decided to take a similar journey.

Thank you for being you and thank you for caring about everyone else :-)


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Thank you Jillygirl you have been a support for me during my month on this site without you all I would have given in weeks so Have a great birthday suecx


Thank you so much for your kind words emjay and suecx. :)

I don't feel proud of myself, as it was me that decided to smoke, and it was me that gave myself lung cancer. I do feel proud of myself for finding quit support site and being determined to stop smoking. Its you Emjay and all the other members on here that should be proud . Its all of you that kept me thinking positively. Least I can do is try and help and encourage others. :) xxxxxx

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I look at this site every day and I have been so inspired by you, I stopped smoking on 10th Jan and so far so good (one day at a time ) . I wanted to post this today because of your brilliant achievement and your journey which has touched and humbled me . Thank you x


Congratulations Jilly, that is such an achievement.

Your daily messages were a great support to me when I quit last August, and then when you had your op, you were so strong and focused it was an inspiration to everyone who was on the quit journey.

I wish you many happy years as a non smoker.

Lots of love XxX


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