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Non smoker now for 8 weeks, stopped the Nicotine lozenges10 days ago.

Now that I have stopped nicotine altogether, I have noticed a difference.

I have been a lot more agitated/frustrated and down right niggly. I have been constantly nibbling at sweets.nuts anything really and having to spend more time "doing" things to keep me occupied. I have got this far though and I am pleased with the results.


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Well done Fags I am a long way behind you and on nrt and must admit really worried about coming off it but that's a long time in the future Keep smiling suecx


Dave, so you should be pleased with the results, cos there excellent :) and you should be so proud of yourself tooooo :) :)

Your going top guns pal, you keep it that way :) speak soon, Pete :)


Hiya Dave, 8 weeks is absolutely blooming brilliant! :)

You must be so chuffed with yourself. You know you can keep it up - it doesn't matter about the extra pounds at this stage, just stay quit now and as soon as it starts warming up (will it really? :o ) you can get back out on those wheels and work them back off again. With summer coming too you'll also be able to get down the beach and go swimming in the sea. :)

Keep going and shout those cravings away, Andi :) xxx


Hi Fags! I suspect this will happen to us all. NRT can change our habitual behaviour with regards to not smoking but when you stop NRT your body will go through withdrawl :-) You will get there! xx


Well done, I'm a week today cold turkey!!! But I gotta tell ya that niggly frustrating time won't last long at all, just go for a walk, have a bath, brush ya teeth....you'll find something!! Keep it up and well done!!!


Well done fags you are a non smoker now, whatever it takes to stay quit we have to do it. Nine weeks for me and I am just eating much more, not huge dinners but sweets nuts chocs ect. Still if it stops me smoking I will worry about the weight later. Keep going, good luck


Fags... 8 weeks is marvellous. Sod the niggles and grumps... It's so worth it to get off this dangerous killer roundabout of smoking. So, you may have to be grumpy for a bit... we'll still be here for you, to have a little moan and a grumble! You helped me when I came on here a few weeks ago - very lost and bewildered with all my failed attempts. Just accept that you're now a non smoker, maybe not entirely an happy one yet... but, you have that to look forward to now. You maybe think, how far you have to go yet - but just take a look back and see how far you've already come from eight weeks ago - just magic, well done you!

Gill, xx


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