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Hi all found this site a little while ago and find it motivational reading it daily. It was 7 weeks yesterday that I decided to stop my 15/20 a day smoking. I have been using the menthol e cig. Unfortunately I have had say 10 real cigs during the last 7 weeks and every time I do this I feel like I have failed. The last time I had a real cig was a week last sat and during smoking it I was asking myself why when it tastes disgusting and i also realised it was not giving me what I wanted or thought I needed. Has anyone else cheated the same? After the last chest I am certain that it will not happen again. It didn't give me the pleasure I thought it would.

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Well done on reaching 7 weeks. At least now the real ciggys aren`t tasting pleasant to you.

I stopped smoking when I got a chest infection and a cigarette tasted awful , so I thought whats the point. So glad I did quit now , almost a year ago. Keep thinking positive and enjoy being a non-smoker. :)


Thanku and well done you!


Hi Shaz, (a bit shorter than Sh... :D ) and welcome. So glad you find it inspirational, I did too when I first discovered. You're doing really well so like you say, don't even bother having the occassional real one - just say "no thank-you".

Keep up the good work and enjoy your freedom. Andi :)


Hi Shaornoshaz. You are persevering so don't beat yourself up about it. Maybe you could try a tabacco flavoured liquid. They are not unpleasant and whilst there is a faint smell of tabacco if you sniff it, this doesn't impact on anyone else, as far as I am aware. My younger son, who lives with me has never been a smoker and he hated it when I did. He'll now sit next to me when I'm using my e-cig and has assured me that he can't smell anything. Well done.



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