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Good morning all

Good morning everyone. Sorry I have not been on much recently. It is so nice to log on and see all the familiar names and loads of new folks too. We are all doing so well with this old Nic thing I am so proud to have got this far and I am sure you all are too.

I always had this vision of being a non smoker and somedays I have to pinch myself to check I am not dreaming. Thanks to everyone here for their support, company and fun. You really help me get through the hard bits. WHICH ARE GETTING EASIER. Whoo hoo.

Hope you got a sleep eventually Sue and look forward to seeing you get home on Monday

Keep strong everyone

Linda xxx

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Morning Linda, I am too finding this site inspiring. I am now on Day 5. I cut down first to 2 - 3 a day before stopping as I have stopped on too many occasions to count by stopping straight away and each have failed. How long have you been stopped? Having smoked for 44+ years over 20 a day this is a massive thing to try to quit but I am sure this time I will succeed. Just need to get hubby to stop as well which will make it a lot easier.


Hi ya Lin, its lovely to see you again :)

A massive well done to you for staying with your quit :) and like you say it does get easier, but you still have to keep your guard up, just in case :o :)

Stick at it Linda cos your doing so so well :) and as you say - Whoo hoo, a Bhoopy dooooo :D :D


:) :) how right you are pete I have sometimes felt a bit wobbly but when I feel my resolve slipping a bit I get logged on here and that helps.

I havent had much time to post but make sure I keep checking in and getting my daily fix from here :) :)

I am keeping my guard up coz about 2 weeks ago I made the decision to stop taking my Champix tablets. I know you are meant to take them for about 12 weeks but they had started to make me feel quite off and I had managed to stick with them for about 7 weeks.

Hi Simba I think that is me about 9 weeks Nic free now and similar to you I was a smoker for a long time (20 per day for 35 years)

I have been quite fortunate coz I have really not enjoyed the smell of smoke since I quit and although I have had times where I thought I was going to give in when I have actually smelled smoke it has put me off again. Its the "in your head" battles that are really hard coz you know you dont want it, you know you dont like it and you know the health and financial costs of smoking but Old Nic is a crafty aul git and somehow convinces you that despite this its best to smoke eeeekkkkkkk.

Keep strong everyone and have a great weekend

Linda xxx


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