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DAY 2...AGAIN!!!!!

Morning everyone, well as you can see I'm back on day 2! Did really well for

6 days and then bang back on the cigs! So I picked myself up dusted myself

off and started all over AGAIN! I now have the internet at home and an IPad so will

come on here in the evening and weekends to keep me going (I caved in for a cig

on a weekend)! Anyway glad to see everyone's still going strong, where are you on

your quit now Jan (The Nunn) cos we started together?

Have a lovely day everyone...onwards and upwards....AGAIN...lol!


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Aup Dawn, its nice to see you again :)

Yes I think the evenings & weekends are the worst times :( try to keep yourself busy, find a new hobby :o what about crosswords, they keep your mind occupied as well as your hands :)

You sound determined this time, so just think of the other attempts as practices :) and you know what they say - practice makes perfect :) :)

All the best for day 2 :)


Just get back on that giving up train each time you fall off and never stop till you reach your smoke free future. I am feeling great now with nearly 8 week s under my belt and hardly any cravings. I had smoked for over 40 years!



Well Done Dawn, stayed determined, you can do. As every day passes it gets easier...


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