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One month today!

Good evening and hello hello ladies and gents...

Being the computer illiterate person I am, this is the first time I've written a Blog and apologies as I'd love to include a smiley happy picture but have no idea how!!

Just wanted to say a BIG BIG BIG thank you to all you fellow none smokers, because today I reach week four, a month of non smoking... Yippeee! And I couldn't have done it without you :-) :-)

Pete, our cheeky, smiley, happy chappie you are our rock. Big hugs and thanks..

Andi, Jillygirl, for opening up so many of our Daily Chats, lovely photos and loads of support... and let not forget the cakes...

Fags I'm sure I've said, I am your biggest fan ;-) Every blog has me in stitches, thank you for making me smile :-) you really should write a book....

John, Amor and Vida, paella and the Gypsy Kings who now send me to sleep at night :-)

To Sue, hoping all went well today, we've all been thinking of you...

To Jan, Sinfree, for always being around.....

To Emjay, our lovely quit support advisor

And everyone else, Sarah, Buttons, Wonder, Tom, and so many many more...

Thank you xxxx :-)

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One month, TADA. Well done.

I'm not going to jibber jabber tonight, it's been a long day, I have just reached six weeks and I am going to chill with a beer tonight. I don't ordinarily drink during the week but what the heck, celebrate.

Cheers Dave :)


TADA indeed !!! well done Bella and Dave ,fantastic stuff :) xxx


Hi Suze :) thats just fantabilistic ( think thats how you spell it ) gal :) :) 1 whole Month smoke free, yes you be yipeeeeeee cos you deserve it Suze :) you stay focused now eh :)

How to put a picture on your blog.

Write your blog

Then go down to the bottom of your blog

You will see – choose file

Click on that

Then click once on the picture you want to highlight it

Then click open

And hey – presto you will have a pic

PS you wont see the picture until you preview or publish your blog :)

I hope this will help you, if not just give us a bash :o and I will try again :)


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