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When a lady makes noise - the men folk complain and when they are quiet they complain that it's too quiet and they want to know why!?!

When a lady makes noise - the men folk complain and when they are quiet they complain that it's too quiet and they want to know why!?!

There I was minding my own business when out of the blue there comes this dirty great big BOO! I jumped so high I splattered myself across the ceiling and that's no mean feat considering I'm only 5'5" and the ceiling is a minimum of at least 8' off ground level! All they wanted to know was if everything was OK as it was unlike me to be quiet! Honestly, you men, us women just can't win - damned if we do/are and damned if we don't/aren't.

Truthfully, thank you to Monky (Pete) for asking I didn't know that I had made such an impression - whether it be a good or bad impression I dare not ask but whichever it is, I am really grateful and yes, I am fine although yesterday was a bit of a bad day but today is a good day - so far anyway.

Been walking with my dogs this morning at just after 6 am - daylight - unbelievable that we are virtually a quarter of the way through this year - where does the time go? Took the pic whilst out with them - you can tell spring is either on it's way or here when you see these flowers. How come snowdrops look so delicate (and beautiful) yet they seem to last for ages and can withstand wind, rain, sleet, snow and frost?!

Can't make up it's mind what to do weather wise today but not too bothered 'cos staying fine is a bonus and the worst that rain can do is make you go rusty and there are worse things and I am sure that we can all think of something.

Us humans must be pretty resilient as we seem to be able to cope with all the different types of weather and still come out smiling (well mostly) when Mother Nature has done both her worst and best. One good thing, she certainly keeps you on your toes and for all the 'clever dick' politicians of whichever party, they can't control this lady!! Sorry men, but with a name like Mother Nature she has to be female!

Been reading some of the questions and blogs and found the one about how much ciggies cost extremely interesting especially as the price is a bit on the low side. To cut a long story short, I found a packet of 10 cigs the other day whilst out walking my dogs. No-one in sight except some school kids who said they didn't belong to them (have a feeling that this was a little lie but if they knew what we all know now they wouldn't smoke or maybe they would and learn the hard way like we have). Anyway, they were a brand that I used to smoke so when I got home I gave them to my other half but it aroused my curiosity so 'cos I'm nosey when I called in for an evening paper the following day at the paper shop I had a look (they are not behind closed doors in this shop) and 10 cigs of this brand cost £4.20. I honestly couldn't believe it. When you buy 300 or 400 hundred a week in one go you don't actually break down the cost to one packet but perhaps if you are trying to quit it may be an idea to buy just one packet at a time as then how much it is costing you will really hit home! A small calculation for you:-

10 cigs x £4.20 for 10 x 365 days = £1,533.00 IN JUST ONE YEAR

Yes folks that is ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE POUNDS and that is only if you smoke 10 a day and although I wouldn't admit it at the time I know I certainly smoked more than 10 a day.

Like everyone else, my thoughts and positive vibes are with Sue today - I used to say this to my Aunt and I think it is appropriate to say it to you - sending you all my love, a hug, a kiss and a cuddle. And if there is a spare dishy doctor Sue you know where I am - don't be greedy and keep them both for yourself!

Think I've said enough for now so have a good day everyone and remember, saying NO thank you will not offend and TIME IS PRECIOUS SO WASTE IT WISELY.

Speak soon and take care all,


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Hi Buttons, that made me laugh, you landing on your ceiling :D :D

that's amazing the amount of money you save in a year, like a lot of people, i didn't really know how much i was spending on cigs, and yet i knew what i spent on shopping and bills etc. :o it's crazy how we all wasted money ruining our health, but at least we all have plenty now, and the good health to enjoy it :) :)

Thank you for that Buttons :) and i promise i'll send any spare dishy doctors your way :D :)

love and hugs, Susan, :) xxxxxx


You could use the money saved to redecorate your kitchen ceiling.

It is astounding how much we spend without registering.


Aup Buttons :) ha ha love it gal :D :D

Rite then young Lady :o us blokes would rather have you Women noisy cos then we know where you are :) whereas when your quiet we dont :o and that means you could be lurking anywhere !!!! and then you could jump on us at any time and catch us out :o

Hmmmmm as for you being nosey erm erm yep I agree with that :D :D :D rite am off :)


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