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The washing machine smiled again today

Not been so active on here this week as I have been ironing my socks, I've only got three but they were very creased. Hope you are all as well as could be expected and that your abstinence from smoking is going as well as mine. (Nearly 6 weeks). I am down to 3-4 lozenges(1mg) per day now which is the equivalent of about 3 roll ups. Considering I was smoking 15 - 20 Rollies a day, I find that's remarkable. To all the newcomers to this wonderful community, welcome and stick with these people, they have given me all the support and drive needed to stay on course and helped me to achieve something that I have failed to do so many times before. I was on the verge of going mad when the reverend Al Green appeared through a crack in my floorboards and sang "How can you mend a broken heart". It was beautiful and kept me from eating all the furniture (again).

Stay with it.

Going for a sing song with Al now.

Love, dribble and weirdness

Fags X :D

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It's great to see you again Fags :) that's brilliant that your nearly six weeks stopped, way to go :) :)

I love your blogs there such a laugh, just what we all need sometimes :D :D :)


Hi Fags , keep on cheering us up. and well done on 6 weeks. :)


I can't help myself. The world is such a serious place, what with all the grief, heartache, pain and so on (you know like having to have a kidney removed). Well with all this going on all the time all around all of us, why can't I blow off my steam by talking sh*t. It's how I deal with the world. If in the process of my blithering away my worries, I cheer up someone else then what a sparkling result. It's nice to know that I am making someone else smile.

:) X


Aup Fags, a massive well done to you for reaching 6 weeks quit :)

There is just one thing :o you just dont sound rite being serious, its just not you pal :( so please be as loooooopy as possible eh, cos it helps me :D :D :D love reading your erm erm blitherings :) :) but am sorry dont always have the time to comment on them :( Keep smiling Fags and keep at it :o :D :D


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