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Recommended Help To stop smoking

I have been reading comments concerning the recommendation of stopsmokingn.weebly.com which offers free help to stop smoking and yes the website might not look "professional." Has it not occured to you that the writer of it perhaps can not afford to buy a "professional" looking website. We do not all have money! In fact it is even a free website. I think there are people trying to do the best they can with limited resources!

Instead of criticising, support because I find this website provides very helpful and inspirational help for everyone which is totally for free.

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Hi Johnway. Having looked at the first video ,its ok,nothing that I havent come across before and I find him a bit hard to watch. I think people were just concerned. But thanks for the post.


Hi Johnway,

Thank you for sharing this information to our members.

I have sent you a private message and look forward to hearing from you :-)


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