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Hi gang

New to the site.stopped smoking just over three weeks ago.the reason I stopped was because I was smoking more than ever.I got an ecig which I have found a great help.that's how I found this site,I was searching for advice about ecigs

Since I have stopped ,I have got a continuous cough and sore gums.I was smoking tobe honest 40/50 a day.I could eat a horse,no change there ha ha.I am determined to pack the cigs in.

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Well done Kev, 3 weeks is brilliant. Glad you found this site, bit short on male members. I am sure you will find this community helpful,and supportive, apart from completely mad. :D


Thats great Kevin 3 weeks is really good going. Just think you havent smoked 1050 cigs (based on the 50)

keep it up

Linda :):)


Aup Kev, a big welcome to this lovely quit support site :) :) and well done to getting to 3 weeks quit :) I'm Pete by the way :o and yep am mad the same as the others on here :) :)

If you have a look on the Questions - Simba196 - brown phlegm, I have posted a blogg which might help you understand why you are coughing :o :)

Myself I havent suffered from sore gums or teeth, but some quitters do :( I found this artical that might help you :)

When you smoked, you were literally smoking your gums and throat. Your gums and tissues built up a crust just like if you were smoking a salmon.

When you quit smoking that old, hard crusty tissue will slough off and in its place you will get new, baby tissue, almost like when a baby is teething.

Only about 1 out of 30 people that quit smoking or chewing get sore mouth, gums and tongue, but if you are affected by this symptom your mouth will feel like it is hot and on fire.

Don't suffer with this symptom. It may last as long as 8 weeks.

A student in one of my Nicotine Solutions classes had to have her dentures relined because there was that much of a change in her gums from quitting smoking.

Try Amosan to relieve sore mouth, gums and tongue. Amosan is a soothing mouth-rinse. It comes in a powder and you mix it with water and rinse with it and then spit it out. It is very soothing and you will be glad you didn't suffer with this symptom.

The active ingredient in Amosan is (or rather was) sodium perborate. When mixed with water, sodium perborate yields borate (which does nothing for your mouth) and HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.

So, simply mix 2tsp/10ml of common first-aid type hydrogen peroxide (10 volume/3% strength) with 2tsp/10ml of warm water. Then rinse exactly as you did with Amosan. DON'T SWALLOW THE MIXTURE! (Read the warnings on the hydrogen peroxide bottle.) I used this myself last time I had a gum inflammation and it worked perfectly (and at a tiny fraction of the price of Amosan!)

As with Amosan you shouldn't eat or drink for 20-30 minutes after rinsing. And make sure you use a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide, not one you've had sitting around the medicine cabinet for a couple of years and have been using to dab bloody cuts and scrapes.

For more convenience (plus a minty taste) Colgate now markets a hydrogen peroxide oral rinse under the name Peroxyl. I haven't tried it but it appears to be widely sold across North America and no doubt other regions, and if it isn't available in your area you can buy it on eBay.


Thanks for comments ,

Is it me?when I was smoking I thought not many people smoke nowadays.but now ,,everyone I see smokes.I am like a bloodhound,I can smell smoke from a mile away.


hahaha :) hi kev and well done..as for seeing smokers everywhere..thats like the buying a new car that you lnow no one has then seeing it everywhere :) ..my friend suffered badly with gums and teeth fr about 2 months,but all better now ..im jan by the way . :)


Hi Kevin123, welcome aboard :-)

I'll pop your name up on our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner :-)

The cough is more than likely a sign of your body repairing itself, the same goes for your your gums feeling sore and maybe bleeding. If you're cough lasts more than a couple of weeks then it may be worth a visit to your GP and let him/her know that you've recently quit smoking. Is it a chesty cough or dry cough?

3 weeks stopping is brilliant, you're now into your 4th week :D

Keep up the positive spirit and you'll be grand :-)


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