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I thought choosing today to quit was a bit, well iffy :o i tell you why, cos my worst times are the weekends :( :(

I am on my 6th attempt to quit now, and found it easier to quit on a Monday, cos didnt smoke at work much anyway :) so it was easier to start with :) and by the time the weekend comes, you have got 5 whole days of quit under your belt :) so your body is getting used to not smoking :) if you see what I mean !!

You have to sit yourself down, ask yourself why you want to smoke ?? write it down on a piece of paper, then ask yourself why you want to quit smoking ?? then write them down on the same bit of paper :) I bet you any money the quit smoking list is a lot longer than the smoking list :) :)

Now you carry that list around with you, and when you think you need a fag, get the list out and read it :) it just might help you :)

Emjay, posted this a bit a go, which may also help you, good luck Buttons :)

How hard is it to say 'No'?...

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE

11 Jan 2013


Two little letters that make up a little word that can sometimes be very hard to say - "NO"

When stopping smoking, it's funny how by not using this word can have such an impact on our actions and leave us feeling as though we've let ourselves or others down, causing a feeling of guilt .... We really do pile ourselves with added pressure sometimes

By practising using this word in a positive way can only strengthen the ease of being able to use it when you need it most.

Whether you are saying it out aloud or thinking to yourself, how about trying to use the word 'NO' in some of the following ways?;

1. NO thank you, I don't smoke.

2. NO I don't want to smoke, I just think I do. This is only how I am feeling for now. This feeling will go away.

3. NO I don't want to be putting all these poisonous toxins into my body.

4. NO, this is my choice, and something that I feel very strongly about. I will not smoke.

5. NO, smoking really isn't for me.

6. I am going to say NO for now, I can always change my mind later.

Maybe you have some suggestions of other ways that you can build the word NO into your stopping smoking vocabulary.....

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