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Is anger all the rage??

I'm on day 12 and doing good, I am using NRT lozenges so my body is still getting nicotine. I have tried many times in the past and this method is working for me. I am pretty conservative with my use of the lozenges and aim to keep the dosage as low as I can so that when the time comes to come off these, I should already have adapted to a much lower nicotine level than when I smoked half a ton of Old Holburn a day. However, I have noticed something a little disturbing and I know it is a side effect of nicotine withdrawal. Anger. I have found myself performing some trivial action and some minor detail has triggered a desire to explode in rage. For example, I could be washing up and a spoon has got a stubborn bit of egg on it, which needs extra scouring. I could throw it through the window or flatten it out with a hammer because it has messed me about. This is freaking me out a bit. If I had a politician in the kitchen it wouldn't matter because I could batter the spoon up their a*s* with a cricket bat and I would feel better. But I don't have a politician in the kitchen and I want to keep my spoons intact. I'm sure this issue has been raised before but I am still new to this world of non-smoking and hoped someone could throw some light my way (or some spoons) (or a politician)


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Hi Fags,

I found myself feeling like this in the early days of my quit, here is some useful tips Emjay posted, I hope this works am having trouble with my computer today

1. Doing what you have just done -Think about when or where it could go wrong and think about a plan of action that will help you over it.

2. Breathing exercises - There are a number of breathing exercises that can be used for different types of cravings I would recommend that you practice them beforehand so that you know exactly what to do when you need them instead of going into a blind panic and wondering where the breathing exercises are kept on here!

Deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Practise makes perfect.

3. If it is a very stressful environment, or if you are feeling a bit more than angry, try and remove yourself from the situation. Maybe go for a walk if possible. If you are in work or cannot actually leave where you are, just take yourself off into the kitchen for a short walk and have a long glass of water. Maybe even if you take yourself off to the loo just to get away. Again, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

4. Stay calm and remember that this awful feeling will eventually go away. The most time a craving usually lasts for is on average about 3 minutes.

5. If there is anywhere you can go just to let off a bit of steam in the form of a large growl, or shouting out (!) Sounds a bit mad but we do know of some of our members who have done this and it has worked quite well.

I can see it didn't all go on but i hope what did will help you, i'm sure someone else will come along and give you more info. It is part of the symptoms that we get, just hang in there, this will pass :)


You think you don't want to smoke. You tell your brain this fact on a regular basis, however your brain or your psyche or subconscious, call it what you like knows better. On past experience if it nags away on a regular basis, eventually you will give it what it wants - Nicotine. It's not used to this new fangled way of getting it either. You suck a lozenge and eventually it will register in the brain but not nearly as quickly as it used to, so it'll do for now but it's hoping that if it keeps on nagging away, eventually everything will go back to the way it used to be. Now imagine being at work and doing what ever you do and every two minutes someone keeps coming along nagging, mithering, and generally being an irritating pain in the back side, sooner or later you're going to snap. That's what I think anyway. It's the living under the constant, apparently never ending stress of telling yourself you cannot do something you've done for many years because you just can't, end of, no if's, no buts you just can't. When did anyone ever like being told they can't do something even if its yourself who's doing the forbidding. Don't care what anyone says it starts to get on your wick. I'm the same, everything is getting on my nerves at the moment and all we can do is put some of the stuff Sue suggested into action. Failing that why don't me and you go seek out a few politicians and take out our angst on them, I think that would be a whole lot of fun and very stress relieving.


Nice one Sinfree, love it gal, just love it :) you've hit the nail on the head :) :)


Sounds like you need another blast on those blades! :)


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