£1000 better off ?

£1000 better off ?

So I'm now coming up to a year of stopping smoking. I was so looking forward to being financially better off, but the price of shopping, household bills and the general cost of living has seen no such saving. I dread to think how I would of been able to buy 3 packs of 20 a week.

I visit the cash machine a lot less and now can be found with little money in my purse as I no longer need to constantly have a spare tenner in case I run out of fags.

I don't miss smoking, I'm so happy that I've finally said goodbye to the need of having to smoke. I really do feel free and a lot more relaxed in any social occasion as I'm not having to think about nipping outside.

Last night I dreamt I was smoking and set a litter bin alight, so must still subconsciously think about being a smoker. I suppose we can't control our dreams because if we could I'd dream out a clean shaven Brad Pitt most nights.

Still want to pinch myself , am I really a non smoker ? The year has flown by, I'm sure now I'll stop recognising events, places or triggers when I used to smoke. Hoping my husband buys me a bunch of flowers on 27th Feb for a year fags free, if he doesn't I might just get the credit card out and book a holiday for one away to the sun with the £1000 I should but didn't save :)

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  • That's brilliant that your going to be a year stopped Wonder :) i'm the same as you, no savings cause of the cost of things going up, thank goodness we don't have the added stress about how we can afford ciggies as well

    How about taking Brad Pitt on the holiday with you, now there's a treat :D :)

  • Don't think he'd swap me for Angelina :(

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