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Chocolate and jigsaws, who needs em?

Heard an odd noise upstairs last night. I went to investigate and found a mermaid and a cyberman sword fighting in the bathroom. When they had finished, they came and helped me do my Rupert jigsaw and I brought out the walnut whips, Because cybermen only have a 12mm wide slot for a mouth, I had to stamp on one of the walnut whips in order to break it up into small enough pieces for him. My wife commented this morning about the stain on the carpet. I explained the reason to her and she said I should see somebody. I saw Abraham Lincoln and Lord Kitchener (who needed me). Day 11 still on an even keel.

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Haha you make me laugh......... kitcheners boat sank off Orkney you know!!! A memorial for him here (no far fae my house)


Small world, This morning, I was in Inverness (no far fae yer Hoose. On the grander scheme of things). Tonight, I am back in Brighton. Sadly I had been for my Dads funeral, he lived in Dingwall. His song has now ended, but the music carries on. My escape from the serious things in life, is to talk jibberish, hence the Cyberman/mermaid thing. Glad it amused you.



Hey there Fags!! :)

If talkin jibberish helps you :o then flippin do it :) :)

What eva takes your mind off then flippin ciggies, then do it :) :) I tell you Fags, that having a joke now and again helps, loads :) :) so you stay happy and content, and if you need a rant, then let the bugger out :) cos we are all here for you :) to help you through your quit :) stay with it Fags, cos your doin great :) :)


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