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Kcab gniog on

Well , another day. The dudes at work have figured out I'm not smoking. This is down to the fact that I am not stood out in the cold smoking, so it has become obvious. Never the less, they have all said well done and given me encouragement. My wife hasn't mentioned anything yet. Having said that, she hardly ever sees me smoking as I haven't smoked in the house for several years, that plus the fact that I have been under the weather and sat miserably at the end of the settee with a hot water bottle and pile of tissue. Yesterday, I put on my blades and whizzed up and down the hallway, I'm still unwell and not fit enough to go out proper blading, but I am starting to stare out of the windows now and want to get back out there. This odd thing that Iv'e noticed since legislation forced smoking out of work places. The past few years, I have been having to stand outside work (invariably in cold wet weather) in order to have a cigarette. This has become the norm. I now find that every time a cold wind blows or it chucks it down, I get the urge to smoke. In fact, to sit in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and a cigarette would seem improper. Anyway, I don't smoke any more so I don't have to worry. The NRT lozenges are doing a fabulous job of keeping the crazies away and I still feel hell bent on beating this effing curse that has been part of my life for so many years. Enough waffling, I have the Klu Klux Klan in my garden grazing on my rhubarb shoots and need to chase them off again.

Probably going to have chips again.....yipee, best start peeling the spuds.

Love joy and delerium

Fags :D

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Glad its going well for you. I'm thinking lozenges would have been a far better idea than the Champix I'm on. If you have any NRT you can usually use two types at the same time but with the Champix that's it and its not even NRT its just supposed to block the receptors that tell other bits of your brain that nicotine is good and is still being received if in a somewhat lesser dosage. But if I'm not allowed any nicotine of any kind, how am I supposed to know if its working. All I know is I've got a strip of lozenges in my bag and would love one at this moment in time so am guessing the receptors are working just as well as they were when I smoked. Oh dear if the rain and cold give you cravings you're going to have a seriously bad time as that's the only kind of weather we've had this century up to now. I like your poem by the way. Hope you enjoyed your chips.


Another day and another plate of chips. Mmmmm I might have to wait for my next holiday before I can eat chips again then I won't get told off. So if your wife has still not noticed do you live in different houses? Surely she must have noticed that you don't pong as badly any more? (I hope!) :)


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