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E-Cigarette advice please?

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Hi everyone! So I'm nearly upto week 3 without smoking :-) yay me! Started with the 21mg patches for the first week but then one day forgot to put the patch on, only realised about 4pm! So from then on didn't bother with them and, touch wood, have been ok, no slip- ups. To get to the point, I am going for a night out tomorrow (first since I've quit) and i'm terrified that I'll get tipsy and start smoking again :-( So was thinking I might buy an E- Cigarette so that if I'm tempted I can use that instead. Does anyone else do this? Also if I do buy one, are the tobacco ones vile tasting? Any advice would be very much appreciated :-)

Thanks in advance x

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Hi there Jasabelle,

I quit smoking over 9 months ago after getting a really nasty chest infection but after a few weeks of quitting was in real danger of caving in to the cravings. I bought an e.cig (one containing nicotine) and found it helped a lot. They don't taste nasty but are different tasting to cigarettes, you don't get the instant hit you get from a real one either but it saved me from smoking. Almost a year down the road I have still not smoked a real cigarette which considering I'd smoked for 35 years and tried everything in the market to try and help. I have gone over to smoking e.cigs all the time and am never tempted to smoke a real cig although it did take me a while to get used to e.cigs. As far as I am aware e.cigs are about as harmful to health as caffeine so for me it's a win win situation as I but them online for a fraction of the price in the shops. however as the ones I smoke or should I say "vape" do contain nicotine I do realise that I'm still dependant upon nicotine for my "fix". But as I'm not inhaling the smoke from tobacco om not inhaling any of the toxins and cancer causing poisons either which is what causes all the danger in real cigs. I did try nicotine free e.cigs but didnt get any satisfaction from them. There is no smell from e.cigs and they don't make your paintwork yellow either!! However please be aware that as I have already Sid if you stat to substitute real cigs with a nicotine containing e.cig you will still be addicted to nicotine. Anyway hope this helps you and have a great smoke-free night out. You CAN do it. Best of luck!

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jasabelle in reply to carol62

Hi Carol62, thanks for your reply it has been really helpful :-) Wow can't wait to be where you are, to be smoke free for 9 months after smoking for that long is a tremendous achievement, well done you! Thank you for all the information, I am going to buy a disposable e.cig today and will use it for my night out as I don't want to use it every day, but just to get me through the social occasions (which with 2 children under 5, is once in a blue moon I can tell you!) And if I'm going to give in when I've had a few, it might as well be with just the nicotene rather than waking up the day after with smoke smell all over me, a bad chest and a guilty conscience!

Thanks again xx

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carol62 in reply to jasabelle

Hi Jasabelle,

Good luck I'm sure you'll manage to enjoy your evening with the e.cig, keep up the good work. :-))

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Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

I have a ecig.

It has been a godsend in the tough times but have a fw times been tempted to go in past my grannys for a fag but have resisted thankfully

I have the cherry flavoured liquid (had strong l + b to start but it was too strong)

I dont use if that much at the moment (im at 4 weeks on tuesday) and once this liquid is done Im going onto lower stregnth and then the next step is the zero nicotine in the liquid (i dont wamt to become addicted to the ecig like my husband is, i think he's going to try and stop using it too)

But just remember its mind over matter ;)

Good luck with tomorrow night, letus know how you get on

Hi orkneysarah,

Thanks for your reply, and well done for your 4 weeks smoke free! I agree with you, I don't want to become addicted to nicotene again, so am not going to replace smoking for e.cigs full time, just need something (anything! ;-) ) to get me through when I occasionally let my hair down. It really doesn't help that my husband still smokes (and has no intention of ever attempting to quit grrr!) so when we are out, he keeps nipping outside and I'd be left sat there. Thanks again, I will report back to let you know how it went, fingers crossed! xx

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Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

Wow you must have a lot of willpower to stop smoking when your hubby is still doing so

That in itself is an achievement :)

Hope you have a good night out tonight

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Hi... been tobacco free for 15 weeks using ecigs...it would be good for you to have ecig and refills kept at home....you can use if need be..so you're not reaching for a real ciggie.....we/ll done ....

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Hi, I am new to the site but I already feel the benifit of talking to others with the same problem.

I have smoked for almost 40yrs tried everything, still smoked, even tho lungs were caving in and breathing was dificult.

Four weeks ago I collasped again ( Asthma , brohncies`s ) was sever well out of all reality High tempreture in a land of my own.

I was two weeks in hospital.

After I came out of hospital I vowed never again ( been there and done it before ) however this time there is a life line ( literally ), E-cig.

They do help to take the edge away and you can reduce the dosage of the cartrideges as time goes on.

Not a real ciggy, much much better and smoke free, helps make being an non smoker a much more a real possibility, target.

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Thanks madimad.

as I have said, I already like this site, Since I have stopped buying the ciggies, it looks like I have saved £272.43 That is knocking on for 4 and a half weeks.

If I keep going! I may be able to buy a house in some tropical climate!!! or maybee not.

Well done to you almost 10 months in terms of addiction, thats brilliant you must feel like a new person.

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andi22 in reply to tomc

Hiya Tom and welcome to our community, glad you found us and you're finding it a real help. Yes, another one here who smoked for over 40 years and now 9 months smoke free. I know I wouldn't have managed it without the lovely people on here to help me along the way. It's amazing how the money tots up isn't it?

I'm currently on a concerted effort to try and shift the extra weight as I don't really want to go and buy a load of bigger clothes and exercise is the way for me to go along with cutting out all that extra stuff I was shoving in to help with the cravings. I know you have breathing problems but like Mad says, try and get out and do the walking to start off with. It might help to clear some of that rubbish in the lungs a bit quicker but make sure you have your inhaler with you (if you have one).

Good luck with the quit and come and share it in the daily chat and by blogging.

Andi :)

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tomc1 YEAR WINNER in reply to andi22

Hi Andi,

Believe it or not, I am actually very active.

I am on my feet all day in our workshop ( I repair and service lawnmowers ) and I also do a lot of gardening,. Altho not just now with the snow.

I did gave up once before. I was off them for 3 years and increased my weight to 16 Stone that was from 10stone.

this time I have gone from 11 and a half stone now touching 12 stone.

I know what your thinking!! why on earth did he go back to ciggies after 3 year.

I constantly ask myself the very same question.

My inhalers are not working well just now and for some reason my voice is weak and a bit croaky so blogging is great and there are a lot of really nice people here who, as ex smokers, understand just how much of a battle it is to say NO.

Thank`s for your support and for taking the time to talk to me, it is much apreciated.


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PS. only concern I have is that I already have put on half a stone in weight.

My breathing problems make it hard for me to exercise and I dont really eat a lot.

Any suggestions??.

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Artfulcodger19 Months Winner

Hi Jasabelle, I were told to quit back in Sept 2012 as I had clotting and furring in my legs,and walking was becoming a problem, I'm 66 and had been smoking since aged 13 - so giving up was always gonna be a hard habit to break, and up to last saturday all I had managed to do was reduce down from 40 a day to ten - but for me that was not good enough!

A pal of mine had recently stopped immediately after buying a "Leccie Fag" - I had tried ones similar but was less than impressed, so I went out and got myself the same one as my pals - and stopped smoking immdiately!!!! the model I have is the "Totally Wicked2 Tornado Tank (where did that name spring from?) a starter Kit costs around £35, with bottles of liquid refills from £3 ish. As far as I am concerned these are the Rolls Royce of Leccie Fags. why not find your nearest outlet and go visit them for a chat - they are very helpful

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I think you sound just about right weight wise. To much is not good, Petit is just right.

As I said to andi I am very active but I am big boned so weight sticks to me like a magnet.

AW to be honest I am just vain.

At 61 the hospital say I am generally fit, Except for the Asthma and brohnciects`s the latter leaves me prowen to infections and has to be monitord often.

Giving the fags the boot is long overdue for me, but as a man! I am naturally Stuborn!!! haha, Pig headed as Im often told.

To our health.


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From 40 a day to 10, That is a really great start.

Your e-cig will definatly help you to 5 and then 0 maybe 0 straight away?.

Keep going, at least on this site we all have the same goal. To be smoke free and healthy.


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Artfulcodger19 Months Winner in reply to tomc

Yes Tomc, I did stop straight away - and no one is more surprised than me!!

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tomc1 YEAR WINNER in reply to Artfulcodger

Enjoy the freedom and health.

I stopped cold turkey for 3 years, then in a typical fit of loonisy started again only to put my self in the position now of going through the anguish to stop.

Dont let that happen to you, Enjoy your new life use your new cash gain to have a ball.


Hello Everyone :-) Thanks so much for all your replies and advice, it is very much appreciated. Well I went out on my 'big night out' and never touched one cigarette! I can't say that I wasn't tempted, but hey I'm only human and it's still early days. But I am so proud of myself that I didn't bum a smoke of someone or go and buy a pack, I just had the e.cig which really helped when I started to get fidgety and it took the edge off. I never thought I'd be able to say I had had a smoke free night out and actually enjoyed myself, I really can see this being the last time I have to give up smoking now :-D

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I agree to a point madimad.

As I said in an erlier post I have always been a fit and energetic outdoor worker and enjoyed play and work with vigour.

But when I turned 50 the problems started to meke themselves known.

Asthma was the first diagnosis , so I stopped smoking for 3 years, then foolishly started again. ( strange ) why?? becuase I hated the smell of ciggies.

Then a few other mobility Problems, and then the biggie, Bronchiectss.

The hospital said not only to me but other patients that this is a condition caused by having pneumonia as a young man and not having it properly treated.

I naturally asked have ciggies been a cause? He replied NO but smoking does not help.Hummmm.

Heres a funny story for you.

My first visit to hospital for diagnosis of Ashtma was to the old Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

I got there half an hour early so I was standing at the front doors ( looking for a fag ) only to realise I had left them in the car at the other end of the street.

A man asked me "whats wrong pal" to whichn I replied " oh ive got to see the doc and I could do with a fag before I go In BUT!! . He said here have one of mine.

I went into the waiting room and was called to the doctors office at the end of the passage way. when the door opened guess what!! it was the chap who gave me the fag outside the front door.

His comment was, " well I dont suppose telling you to stop smoking will be very clever then ".

Funny old world, Aint it.


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To use the extra cash saved to have an even better TIME OF YOR LIFE.


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Well done.

Reward yourself, get hubby to pamper you, Maybe organise babysitter and go for a relaxing weekend together.

It really does make you feel on top of the world Not smoking and someone who loves you, nothing can beat it except, the birth our kids.


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jasabelle in reply to tomc

Thanks Tom,

And I think you are on to something here...I definitely deserve some pampering for all my hard work!....Now to find an unsuspecting victim to look after my two little 'Angels' hehehe x

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tomc1 YEAR WINNER in reply to jasabelle

Good Luck With that one!!!.

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Artfulcodger19 Months Winner

I walked a very brisk 2 miles today - was not out of breath and could have done more. I am amazed that after only 4 days I am doing stuff that I have not been able to do for a long time - until I stopped smoking - - totally Gobsmacked

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Should have recomended E-CIG.

And a good drinking session always helps to block out lifes little irratations!!.

Not that i`m advocating boozing!!.


I have quit smoking 3 years ago. Vaping helped me to do that, it's a really great thing, man. I would really recommend you to try it

Hi there! Vaping can easily replace the cigarettes. It actually feels pretty much the same as when you are smoking. You can get nicotine from it just like as you were smoking. However, it's much more harmless, and has a lot of features. First of all, it's not destroying your health so much as cigarettes do. Also, there is no bad smell from the vapes - in opposite, you can choose what flavor you want. It can be even tasty! I am sure that vaping is much better than smoking. That's why I have recently bought a new vape and some tasty juice. It was very cheap, by the way! Vaping is much cheaper than smoking!

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