Monday Morning to you all

Hi I wasn't on here for the last two days as I was at work and this tiredness is so bad. I am still having broken sleep hence why I am soo tired. I need a good tonic now that I am off the cigs. I wish you all a Happy Monday and keep up all the good work. I need to be on here more to chat and get to know you all. Anyway I am off to work.. Have a fab day. :)

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  • Hey happy, hope you have a good day at work.

    Wont be up to much here today, Ive got the bug :( thankfully it stayed away to get a full nights sleep (or a full night for me which includes waking up every 2-3 hours)

    Thankfully the kids are away to school and they have been told they going to bed early tonight because of their constant bickering/fighting they done this morning in the space of 30 minutes.

    And the hubby is going out tonight so thats even better :)

  • Oh dear Sarah, its not the dreaded sick bug is it? Hope you soon feel better.

  • Hi Happy, how long have you been off the ciggies? I'm sure sleep will improve as you go along, mine has, I only have to get up once a night to go to the loo (the Champix seems to have cause that) . Also the dreams only lasted about a week, that was a five minute wonder but then I only seem to remember dreams a couple of times a year. Keep going Happy you're doing well

  • Hi Sarah and Sinfree. I am back from work and it was a good day for me. I resisted all the biscuits and just had my lunch.. Need to lose weigh for America in Sept. Sinfree I have been off the cigs since 1st January and its been good so far.. I am amazed at myself and I never thought I would ever come off them but I have.. Its all the support that I am getting from friends and family I think is keeping me going. Sarah its brings back memories or kids bickering first thing in the morning. I had a house of four lads and all I can say is WOW WOW a nighmare but they are all grown up now...:)

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