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Its here at last christmas day. :)

Like I promised got your pressies:

Andi:- rajdhaniflorist.com/flowers...

Sue poundland.co.uk/images/3205...

Emjay bbc.co.uk/china/learningeng...

Jarvo i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0...

Chickles cupcakeobsession.com/wp-con...

Madmad. sammyjodesigns.com/Images/a...

Kazzachoc presentideas.me.uk/wp-conte...

Pete cartoonstock.com/newscartoo...

Johnuk 4.bp.blogspot.com/-2mPQII6B...

Delina stwilfrids.com/wp-content/u...

happy christmas to anyone else i have missed. xxxxxxxx

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Happy Christmas Jillygirl :) thank you for the choccies :) i love them :)

A merry xmas to you and your family :) xxxxxx


Merry Christmas!!!

I came on earlier to see 'if he'd been yet' but then went back to sleep as it was far too early at 3.30 this morning... Checked again then at half an hour intervals... Stretching my toes to the bottom of the bed feeling for that stocking :D

Jillygirl, I love my gift :-) thank you ever so much, this is a teddy that gives the best and biggest hugz n the world xx

For those of you who are working towards a quit date, maybe in the the New Year... Remember that you can do this and the sooner you meet up with that quit date, then the sooner your body will start to repair itself. Remembering also that stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health. Make this your last Christmas as a smelly smoker :-/

Many of you will be celebrating your first smokefree Christmas. Just wait and see how tasty your Christmas dinner is... You have done ever so well to come this far, the journey will get easier. Just as long as you keep on, keeping on :-)

For those of you celebrating Christmas, I hope it is all going as you wish.

My gift to everyone is to hold the belief in you all individually until you all feel strong enough to believe in yourselves that you can, and will live a smoke free life for good :-)

Remember, nobody said it would be easy, but everyone says that it is worth it. Together we can do this :-)



A lovely pair of earings Jillygirl, you,ve got an insight into my taste. thank you. I hope you and everyone else has a lovely day.

mad xx


A very Merry Christmas everybody :) :) :) :)

Jillygirl, that is one hell of a big cannie gal :D :D thank you very much :) that will last me at least erm erm 2 days gal if I take it steady :D :D :D

Speak soon & loads of hugs xxxx :) :)


Merry Crimbo to everyone!

Thank you for the cupcake Jilly...gosh you have been busy getting pressies for everyone!

Have eaten far too much lunch, but am still managing to munch my way through a bag of meerkat sweeties ( a bit like winegums)

Not been home long, tis jim jam time, feet up and telly!

I hope that everyone has had a super day!



Hi everybody,

Just come on to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.

I'm sure that at this stage of the day some will be more merrier than others - eh Pete? (especially if you've started that tinnie!) :D :D :D

Thanks ever so much for my beautiful bunch of roses Jilly, I think they are just fab and the best present I've had this Christmas! You really are an amazing friend. :) :) I can just picture you now, in your jimjams, feet up and nodding on your sofa with a big smile on your face. :)

Andi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Jillygirl

Thank you for the huge block of Dairy Milk :) you are very thoughtful.

I hope you are having a lovely Christmas and beginning to feel a bit better xxx love and hugs to you xxx :)


Hi Jillgirl

How are you feeling? I hope Christmas was nice and relaxed for you surrounded by lots of presents and choccies ;-)

Thank you for my bunny, sooooo cute.



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