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Swine Flu

Swine Flu

Scientist,s are looking into PG which is used in the mist of E-cigs as a possible deterrent for Swine Flu, They have already found it kills airborne viruses and bacteria. What a fantastic discovery and could save lots of lives. I know now if I am standing or sitting next to someone who,s coughing and sneezing I will puff on my e-cigs.Anyone who is using one should change there Cartomiser or liquid to PG.


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No John they dont, and it was actually known before e-cigs came out but now they are taking more interest in this. E-cigs use the same vapour mist that is used in Inhahler,s and smoke that is used in Concert Halls. People think they are full of nicotine, not true, you can get fruit or herb flavours and tobacco without the nicotine. I prefer using one of them than patches as patches are releasing nicotine all the time into your body, not a good idea when you want to stop. Everyone finds there own way so dont be negative John about them as it looks as if somethink good will be coming out of them in the end.


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