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no sleep

thank you to every body who sent a reply to my concerns about not sleeping ,i listened to your advice and decided to change from the 24 hr patch to the 16hr.... and the result is.... last night i slept like a baby and woke up this morning feeling great ,im not using my e cig as much either as my cravings seem to be becoming more manageable. im also feeling a sense of pride too,i have tried to stop before but this time seems different, i think i have more confidence this time round, so once again thanks every one x

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Hi nociggy, I'm so glad the 16hr patch is working better for you, there's nothing worse than not being able to sleep

You sound really confident, which is great, that will help you to stay strong and beat this :)

good luck on your non smoking journey :)


Well done nociggy, I found it really hard with the 24 hour patches, I use to have awful dreams and hardly any sleep, what I love is after a few weeks of giving up you seem to sleep even better than before as your not waking early for a nicotine fix, well done keep it up :)


Hi nociggy and well done on getting through your first week. Great that you managed to change your patches and are getting a good night's sleep. That will make you feel so much better able to cope with this quit.

Good luck and stay strong. :)


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