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Just found this website while looking around, it might explain why a lot of people have a bad time after giving up smoking with the help of NRT, I didnt realise there was so many side affects from NRT, some of you might be feeling rotten because of the Patches,Gum, etc: not because your having withdrawal symptoms from the Ciggys themselves. I didn,t use any of them, my choice was E-Cig and I havent had a problem, no cravings, headaches, sleep prob: absolutely no side affects at all. Whatever you choose to help you, good luck.


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Try smoking ( quitting ) treatment nhs choices and that should take you to the right page. As for E-cigs I cant recommend them but for me there fine. I recently spent 8 days in Hospital after Surgery and was allowed to use mine, there were loads of people lying in bed smoking them, I also know of Doctors who are advising people to use them, I myself dont intend to use them forever but at the moment there useful. If you are thinking of using one I would advise you to look around and only buy from UK companys who are members of ECITA, CE certified and HIP @ roHs compliant. Everyone has to make there own choices, I chose them but mybe there not a good idea for some people and if I had health problems I would ask a Doctor or Practise Nurse if there suitable for you.



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