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What I dont miss since quitting

Since i quit smoking at the beginning of May i have not missed

1, Brown fingers

2, Brown inner nose seen when you wipe it yuck

3, Smelly clothes

4, Brown window frames and ceilings, i hate painting ceilings lol

5, Panicking about running out of ciggies

6, Paying all that money

7, Having the kids moan at me

8, Keeping my dog ends so i can use at a later day if i did run out

9, Not being able to breath after running up the stairs

10, The coughs

That a few but i bet i can think of more a lot more

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To be totally truthful John there was a time when i would pick up big stumps of the st break them up and roll it how bad is that


I think it is a great idea newromantic to do a list of what you don't miss and also to do a list maybe of things that are now better for you and have changed. Someone actually told me this morning that my skin looked different, more glowing. :)

It's true what John says, about what we would do to get cigarettes, if it was anything else we probably wouldn't bother to go out but if we ran out of cigarettes is was panic stations and try to find somewhere to get them, no matter what the weather.

You are doing so well quitting since May, keep up the good work and stay strong xx


Hi newromantic, lovely to hear from you :-)

I'm loving your list, its a great way to help keep you motivated and ensure that you are not going to return to their beck and call!

It sounds as though you have gained a sense of freedom now. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back :-)


Hi there newromantic. Nice to see you again. :) Glad to see you haven't fallen off the wagon. :o You have been very honest with some of your list. :o

Congratulations on reaching such a milestone - I never thought I'd get there either so I'd better pat myself on the back too. :)

I think the best thing is the sense of freedom that we now enjoy. Keep up the good work and keep us posted from time to time. :)


Good list: what about standing outside in the freezing cold and pouring rain to have a cigarette!


Actually Aaron i was going to put on my list the fact that when you go out for drink etc thats what you have to do but i dont go out lol


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