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Make Your Car Smokefree or Better Still Make Your Life Smokefree

Make Your Car Smokefree or Better Still Make Your Life Smokefree

A study carried out by researcher at the University of Aberdeen has found smoking in cars is putting passengers at dangerous levels of pollutants. Up to three times higher than the World Health Organisation indoor air quality standards.

Whether you have the air conditioning on or the windows wide open these pollutants stay in your vehicle.

Have a look at these links. Next time we’re on a journey in the car think about who is in the car before you light your cigarette.



What can you do about it….

:-)Quit smoking

:-)Don’t smoke in the car

:-)Plan your journey - if you’re travelling far, it might help to take regular rest stops

where it is safe for you all to get out of the car.

Can you think of any others???

For help to stop smoking, keep nipping in to Quit Support to ask any questions or let us know how you’re getting on.

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Hi jarvo, I agree since I quit the car smells so much nicer , and the ashtray now stays empty. :)


Hi Jarvo, I agree as well, it's funny how when i smoked i didn't notice the smell in the house, now that i've stopped smoking, and the house is nearly decorated the change is amazing :)


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