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It's the weekend! Is this good news or is it going to be a challenge for you?

It's the weekend! Is this good news or is it going to be a challenge for you?

For some of you, the weekend may be structured a lot differently than your weekdays are; kids don't need dropping off to school, a well earned break from a hard working week, time to catch up with friends or family, catch up on housework... Will any of these changes affect your outlook on stopping smoking and staying stopped?

For those of you who have the same two days during the weekend as you would throughout the week, are the staying stopped strategies that you have had in place so far working for you? If they are working well, stick with them and give yourself a well earned pat on the back.

If you have struggled a bit, reflect on where, when or what you could have done differently.

If you need to find something to keep you occupied then maybe look for something that needs doing around the house, clean out your fridge or kitchen cupboards. Crack on with some housework and get everywhere all nice and refreshed.

Get organised early, and get the kids uniforms all washed and ready for school on Monday so that Sunday night you can have some quality 'you time' and reflect on how well you are doing.

If you need any help or suggestions then please just ask and we'll try and help you out where we can. Some of our members may have some suggestions too that they have found helped them.

So, how do you think your weekend will affect your stop smoking journey so far? Will you find it more of a challenge or will it be easier for you?

How about looking at it as either;

1. Another day closer to your quit date


2. Another smokefree weekend under your belt which means that you are more likely to stay stopped long term

So... thinking about the weekend ahead on a level of 1-10 (one being really difficult - ten being fairly confident) where do you put yourself?

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