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Day 2 of Stoptober

Day 2 of Stoptober

Good morning 8-)

Have we got any Stoptober quitters? Please enter your quit date below so we can input your details on to our Wall of Winners Blog.

Remember you’re 5 times more likely to stay stopped if you’ve quit for 28 days. Click on the following link as there’s lots of useful information and a chance to register if you haven't already:

smokefree.nhs.uk/stoptober/ ;-)

Whether or not you quit yesterday or quitting today your body is starting to repair itself and helping you become a non-smoker.

:-) Your body will begin to repair itself as soon as you stop smoking – and you’ll go on feeling the health benefits for the rest of your life.

:-) 20 minutes after stopping your blood pressure and pulse rate will return to normal. Circulation improves in hands and feet, making them warmer.

:-) 8 hrs after stopping nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood will be cut by half and oxygen levels will return to normal. Chances of heart attack start to fall.

:-) 24hrs after stopping the level of carbon monoxide in your body will be that of a non-smoker and your lungs will start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris.

Please remember to give either myself or Emjay a shout.

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