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Naughty girl

OK been a bit naughty today had day of things planned to do out of the hoiuse and did not take electronic cigerette with me!!!

Got real craving for a fag and tried to fight it but gave in and brought ten fags have smoked two so far!!

Spoke to some people about better methods and have been recommeneded the patches ??? Really am going to get to the doctor this time will make an appointment friday morning, no I am going to try and make one right now. Wish me luck!!

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Hi hariobjess

I've been there, i know how hard it is to try to do this without using anything, so i started on the patches yesterday, i got the 16hr ones, this was recommended for me, i also got the inhalator, just in case of emergencies

have you joined your local nhs stop smoking group, i did this as well, i think with everything i have now it should make it slightly easier, although i know there will still be tough days ahead,and i will still need my willpower

I hope you get your appointment soon, and i know Emjay will be along soon to help you

you can do this and we will all help you :)

good luck :)


Hi Haribojess, there's no naughtiness about it. You've done exactly what many other people would do in similar situations.

The next best thing to do is to get back on track and really think about your reasons for wanting to stop smoking in the first place.

No matter what type of therapy you use to help you to stop, whether it be nicotine or non-nicotine based it is really important that you work on the psychological side of stopping smoking too. It realy does make a difference to how you see things and then the outcome if you put every effort possible into the planning beforehand is likely to be more successful.

Did you manage to make an appointment to see your Doctor? As I've said in another post to you, feel free to message me your postcode and I can let you know where your nearest group is that you can go along to. We really are here to help you, whenever you are ready :-)


good luck


yea good luck and hang on in there


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