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Stinky Smelly Fags!

I just wanted to share with all quitters what I experienced today and it was disgusting! A client came into my office and he had obviously just finished a cigarette. I found myself backing away from him the closer he got to me! He smelt absolutely disgusting and it actually made me feel nauseous! He has been out of my company for over and hour and I still have the smell in my nostrils! I gave up smoking in February and now I think to myself I must have stank like my client did! Please please everyone keep up the good work dont go back to the most disgusting stinky smelling killing habit on this planet! :-) Jane

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Hi Jane58, lovely to hear how well you are doing :-)

It's funny how we see things so differently when we no longer smoke.Especially when you think a couple of mints or a bit of mouth spray will mask the smell too!

If you could give a tip to others just in the middle of a quit attempt, what would it be?

It sounds like you most definitely see yourself as a non-smoker now.

Let me know your quit date in February and I'll pop you name up on our "Wall of Winners" :-) I thought I'd already had you up there to be honest.

Keep up the good efforts as you are doing really well :-)


Hi Jane, Your right it does smell awful stale smoke doesn`t it. I used to think people were just being clever and sarcastic when they turned their noses up at smokers and gave a cough. Now I can understand how they feel.

How stupid were we to think no one could smell it on us.

see you soon. :)


Aup Jane, nice to see you again gal :) :)

If you have the time please come on here and tell us how you quit the ciggie, and when the worst times were, cus there are loads of people on here that dont blog !! they just read the blogs, and well, if you only help a few to quit, then it will be well worth it dont you think :) :)

Thank you for reading this, and you enjoy being smoke free :) :)

Pete :)


Thank you all for your kind encouraging words - now even more determined to stay stopped. I quit on 19th February this year following a spell in hospital with pneumonia. I kept fooling myself that it "wouldnt happen to me" but then it did and it was with stark realisation that I had two options - basically to live or to die! No doctor or consultant had to spell this out to me it was as if a light had just been switched on in my head. So, with the support of the nurse at the GP surgery I quit!! It was hard, trust me very hard but every day I told myself it will get easier and I literally took each day as it came As my health started to recover my optimism that I had made the right decision became clearer and stronger. I noticed little things like I couldnt hear myself wheezing when I went to bed anymore. I wasnt coughing any more. Brown "liver spots" started to disappear from me. My eyes became brighter. The list is endless - the way our bodies can repair itself if truly a miracle in itself! I am so glad that with the right support and the right motivation I have made one of the best decisions of my life and if someone offered me a million pounds to start smoking again tomorrow I would flatly turn it down! Well done to all on here - you truly show extreme strength of character and willpower to stay stopped. Jane


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