:-) :-) :-) Good Afternoon :-) :-) :-)

:-) :-) :-) Good Afternoon :-) :-) :-)

Just wanted to say a massive well done to Andi, for cycling 28 miles. That’s fantastic :-) I bet your little legs are tired now???

Pete, how's things going??? Have you picked the bat mobile up yet? Lovely way to treat yourself now you’re smokefree. Don’t forget the No Smoking airfreshner hanging from the mirror!!!

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  • Hi Claire, yep got the air freshener, just no wheels yet, as he rang me last night to say that he is now keeping it and not selling, i said 7,8,9,10--- oh dear me !!!! :X :X anyway didnt like the wheels on it :P :P not bothered !!

    So now a hunting i go again, think i've gone off those reno-grand-espace's , speak later gal, just wondering if Emjays got her new car yet ????? :o :|

    Pete :)

  • Oh that's a shame Pete and with that turbo too!! :(

  • Hi Claire, just catching up. Thanks for that - I've worked out that I cycled over 70 miles last week! :P :) Certainly won't manage that this week. ;-) :)

  • 70 miles??? Thats amazing, your new healthy living is working a treat ;-)

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