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Do you or dont you?????

I was at the top of the back garden, when one of my nieces came up to me, and just huged me- so i said come on - whats up?? we went and sat down, She said that she had been to a Birthday party, the night before, and had tried drugs!!!!! but she hadn't liked them, i thought magic gal, then she said that she had tried smoking fags!! and that she liked them!!

She asked me for one, but i said that i had quit again !!

the next thing she just lifted her dress up, pulled a pack of JPS out of her nicks, and offered me one,well i just cracked up laughing. She is like me,ha ha , maybe not eh. sorry Andi, yes i had one, but i must admit, i didnt enjoy it, but she did !!!! She knows how i feel about smoking!!

Claire-Helen- anybody please help, how do i stop her

Pete :)

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I would get some pics of damaged lungs etc. Show her some of the blogs on here. plenty of frightening facts. See if Claire or Helen can come up with something. good luck.



Sorry for the late reply :-(

It’s so sad how young people start smoking, even with all the information out and about regarding the dangers of smoking. Unfortunately many young people start smoking due to peer pressure, family members smoking, celebs, smoking in films/T.V. and also because they think it’ll keep them slim or help them lose weight.

The sad thing is your niece doesn’t like drugs however she likes smoking, nicotine is a drug and is a very hard drug to quit. Some people think it’s easier for young people to quit rather than adults; this is not always the case. Young people are aware of most of the dangers related to smoking however educating them further and directing them to sights which raise their knowledge further and also show visual/graphic images (however young people often think it won’t happen to them!). We have an Ageing Game on our website that can show how smoking affects our appearance; this may be useful, atyc.roycastle.org/ageing-game .

There is lots of help available for young people who want to quit, your local Stop Smoking Service will be able to help.

I hope this helps, if not give me a shout.


Sorry Pete, no experience to speak of just that whenever I was around kids I always stressed that it was never a good idea to start smoking cos you don't know how tough it is to give it up later. :)


Get her to add up how much it costs a week to smoke, then times that by 52, then times that by a life time ........say another 50 years ... like i said my habit cost me £17,000 ..... that;s a lot of holidays.


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