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Lenne keep in touch gal!!

Aup Lenne -

You keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing - ok- cus we are all with you, and you know that gal :)

If you want to rant & rave about it!! :X then i'm your man to listen to you - let it out gal!! cus i want you to give me hell :|

I tell you now that i would have loved to of had a daughter like you :D but its not possible for me, cus i'm firing blanks gal !! so i can not make any children of my own, and i am paying for it now !! so if ever you want another dad gal, just give us a shout eh !! :)

Hey you keep in there Lenne, and dont you ever forget that we are here for you, no matter what happens :)

You try and keep them piggies at bay gal, but i know how hard it is for you at the moment!! but i know you are a strong young Lady, and that you can do it!! Luv ya loads gal. xx

Pete :)

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Oh my God, I can't breathe I am laughing so hard. Firing blanks?! Possibly the best line I have heard... ever you proper made me laugh, such honesty and bluntness is a WIN in my eyes and I would be honoured to adopt you as my second dad *hugs*! Thankyou so sososooso so much for this message, you've touched my heart so deeply I have taken a screenshot and saved it because it is so lovely and funny all rolled into one- just like you! Thankyou again Pete for being amazing. Love you tons pops2! xxx


Hi Lenne, you're such a lovely girl, keep on making us all laugh (through you adversity!!) just like pops2 does.

Andi x :)


*gives Andi big cuddles* thanks hon you're pretty durn epic too you know xx :)


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